1 Changing the Way Objects Look in Floor Plan View

Changing the color of any object in plan view can be accomplished quickly using Chief Architect.

2 Deleting Unused Layers

Deleting extra layers within a plan is actually easy once you know how. Click here to learn this fast technique.

3 Displaying a Structure's Shadow in Floor Plan View

Displaying any shadow for a building in plan view is easy when you design with Chief Architect.

4 Displaying and Printing Objects That Exist on Another Floor

Printing a foundation floor plan that includes plumbing fixtures from floor one is easy with Chief Architect.

5 Displaying Framing in a Cross Section/Elevation View

To see framing in elevation views make sure framing has been generated and that it is set to display in those camera views.

6 Finding a Saved Camera that Does not Display in the Plan

If you have saved a 3D view but now do not see its symbol in floor plan view, turn on the display of the Cameras layer in the Layer Display Options.

7 How to use Layer Sets

8 Locking Walls

A single wall can easily be locked using Chief Architect, making it impossible to move or change.

9 Making the Layers in Two Drawings the Same

The layers of one plan file can be made to exactly duplicate the layers of a second drawing using Chief Architect.

10 Message: Do you want to display the layer?

Placing an object on a layer that is currently not displayed in the current view will generate this message.

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