1 Building a Stage Platform

A raised area such as a stage can be created with a polyline solid or by defining a room and raising the floor height in the Room Specification dialog.

2 Changing how Square Footage is Calculated

Calculate the square footage of Living Area by including or excluding room types or calculate the total area of the footprint of the plan.

3 Changing the Material of the Ceiling or Flooring in a Room

The material used for the Ceiling or flooring of a room can be specified on the Structure tab of the Room Specification dialog.

4 Copying an Item from the First Floor to the Same Position on the Second Floor

Use the Paste Hold Position tools to plan an object in precisely in the same spot on a different floor or even in a different plan.

5 Creating a Deck Inlay

Add decorative accents by cutting a shaped hole in the deck, filling it with polyline solids and specifying materials.

6 Creating a Split Level Structure

You can easily create a split level in Chief Architect by controlling the floor and ceiling heights of different rooms in a plan.

7 Creating an Elevated Structure on Pilings

A structure on pilings, does not fall into the category of conventional framing, so when drawing such a plan, we need to use Chief’s framing tools creatively.

8 Deleting an Entire Floor

After creating a plan, you may want to rebuild a floor or foundation. In order to do so, the existing floor or foundation must be deleted first.

9 Drawing an Attic Wall Manually

If the program is unable to determine where you need an attic wall it is possible to manually draw a wall where needed and specify it as an attic wall.

10 Duplicating a Floor Plan on Another Level

It is possible to duplicate all objects on a floor including walls, doors, windows, and furniture by using the Edit Area tool.

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