11 How to Create a Tree House

Create a tree-house by setting various plan defaults, setting the terrain pad height, and design the structure attached to tree trunk columns.

12 Making a Reflected Duplicate of a Plan

You can group select objects on different floors using the Edit Area tools. Once a plan is selected, copying and reflecting it takes only a few clicks.

13 Message: A floor or ceiling platform hole is placed where no platform exists.

A platform hole cannot touch the edge of the platform, extend past the edge of the platform, or be contained by multiple platforms.

14 Resolving a Gap Between Floors in Camera Views

A gap between floors is usually caused by modifying the Platform to this Line option in your Wall Type Definitions dialog so that it is on the exterior surface.

15 Turning On the Reference Display

A given plan can have multiple floors but only one can be active for editing at a time but a reference floor can be superimposed on the working floor.

16 Using the Space Planning Assistant

The Build House Wizard feature allows you to start a new floor plan by creating and arranging 2D room boxes and then converting these boxes into rooms.