Operating System & Hardware

1 Determining If Your PC or Mac is 32-Bit or 64-Bit

The 64-Bit version of Chief Architect can access more system memory, however, you can only install it to a 64-Bit system. Here's how to tell if you have a 64 or 32 Bit Operating System.

2 Finding Information About your System in Windows

Finding information about your system for Technical Support can be difficult. Here we will explain how it's done.

3 Finding Information About your System on a Mac

This article shows you how you can find and save your Mac's system information for a Chief Architect Technician to review.

4 Finding Your Emergency Transfer Password

The Emergency Transfer password is necessary in rare cases where deactivating your software is not possible and you need to reactivate on another system.

5 Specifying What Video Codecs to use for Walkthroughs

In Chief Architect, you have the ability to choose from a list of currently installed video codecs to be used while recording a walkthrough.

6 Troubleshooting Slowness Issues in Chief Architect Plans

The most common reason for Chief Architect to run slowly is working in an unsupported fashion, such as over a network server location, or external device.

7 What operating systems does Chief Architect run on?

While it may be possible to operate Chief Architect in an unsupported fashion, you may encounter problems that are unresolvable.

8 Will Chief Architect software work on a Mac computer?

All Chief Architect X6 software programs will run on the Mac operating system. Also, If you have version X2 or newer, we also support running on a Mac using Boot Camp.