Moldings & Millwork

1 Adding a Belly Band to a Structure

Creating a belly band, sometimes referred to as a mid-section trim, is easy using the Make Room Molding Polyline edit tool.

2 Creating a Custom Dentil Molding

Create a simple dentil molding using a series of primitives converted into a symbol molding and applied to cabinets or other surfaces.

3 Creating a Custom Molding Profile

Custom molding profiles can be drawn in either floor plan view or in a CAD detail window using common CAD editing tools.

4 Creating a Custom Molding Profile for an Exterior Door's Casing

Create a new molding for doors, apply it to a template plan so that it can be used every time a new plan is started, and add it to the library for existing plans.

5 Creating a Mantel Using Crown Molding

Multiple moldings can be assigned to objects like cabinets, rooms, and molding polylines - and offsets can be specified to produce built-up moldings.

6 Creating a Soldier Course

A soldier course is a set of vertical bricks lined up in a row with the narrow edge facing outward. These can be modeled in Chief Architect using a Symbol Molding.

7 Creating a Stepped Molding Profile

Customizing a sauna room in Chief Architect is easy to accomplish by creating custom molding profiles and applying them within your plan.

8 Creating and Using Symbol Moldings

In this article, we create a crown molding with a repeating pattern using molding profiles, CAD and solids converted into a symbol molding.

9 Drawing HVAC Ductwork

Molding polylines can be used to create HVAC ductwork in your plans for display in both 2D and 3D.

10 Editing a Molding Profile

You can easily make changes to an existing molding profile in the library and then save your edited profile into the library for future use.