File Management

11 Managing Your Archive Plan and Layout Files

The Auto Archive utility in Chief Architect automatically creates a historical archive of each plan and layout file that you name and save.

12 Message: Files not found in layout.

When Chief Architect can no longer find a plan file from which views have been sent to a layout file this Message will appear.

13 Message: The Trial version does not allow file saving.

Chief Architect's Trial software allows you to try out nearly all of the tools in the program; however, there are restrictions in place that prevent you from saving your work.

14 Message: This plan cannot be opened.

Plans created in newer titles are unable to be opened with older versions of Chief Architect and Home Designer software.

15 Message: Unable to import .SKP file in X5

This warning message will display in the 64-bit version of Chief Architect X5 when you try to import a 3D symbol created in Trimble Sketchup.

16 Migrating Chief Architect to a New Computer

There are a number of different files that can be migrated to from one computer to another to make Chief run on the new computer much like it did on the old.

17 Opening 3D Home Architect® Deluxe Plans

Open plans created in 3D Home Architect® Deluxe in newer Home Designer titles.

18 Sharing a Plan File With a Home Designer User

Turn on Allow Editing in Select Home Designer Products to share your Chief Architect plan with a Home Designer User

19 Specifying a Plan or Layout Thumbnail

When a plan is closed, Chief Architect will automatically save a thumbnail of the floor that was visible when the session was closed.

20 Tracking the Amount of Time Spent on a Project

The Time Tracker utility, located in the tools menu, enables you to accurately track the amount of time spent on a particular plan or layout file.