11 Locating 3D Symbols to Import into Chief Architect

3DS, SKP, OBJ, as well as DXF and DWG files can be obtained both free of charge, and often for a fee, from a number of sources on the Internet.

12 Message: Can't display 3D symbol.

This message will display if you open a plan file created in an old program version - typically, Chief Architect 7 and prior or 3D Home Architect version 3 or 4.

13 Message: Not enough memory to complete operation

This warning message will display if you try to perform a task like import a large 3D symbol and your system does not have enough memory to complete the task.

14 Message: Unable to import .SKP file in X5

This warning message will display in the 64-bit version of Chief Architect X5 when you try to import a 3D symbol created in Trimble Sketchup.

15 Placing Cabinet Legs as Independent Symbols

Although cabinet leg and foot symbols are set up to be applied to cabinets rather than be placed independently, they can be edited to work as independent objects.