1 Applying Different Materials to a Ceiling

You can change the material applied to a ceiling plane by using the Ceiling Plane Specification dialog or using the Material Painter tool in a 3D view.

2 Blending Colors with Materials

Instead of replacing a material with a new one, we can use the Blend Colors With Materials feature to blend a color with a textured material.

3 Changing the Color or Material of a Single Wall

Changing the color of a single wall within your Chief Architect plan is easy and fast.

4 Changing the Direction of a Material's Pattern and Texture

Materials display a pattern in vector views and a texture in render views. Both can be rotated as needed in the Define Material dialog.

5 Changing the Transparency of a Material

Most of the materials in the library are set up to be opaque; you can adjust it to be transparent using the Define Material dialog.

6 Creating a 3-Dimensional Flame

Use one of several fire materials to create a three dimensional flame by applying the flame material to a 3d object like a cylinder.

7 Creating a Custom Picture, Painting, or Sign

Photographs, pictures, paintings, and signs can be created using custom materials specified as Stretch to Fit so they do not tile repeatedly.

8 Creating a New Material

All surfaces display textures. Textures help create realistic-looking materials and are especially designed to tile without any visible seams.

9 Customizing a Library Material

The Adjust Material Definition tool is useful for quickly changing plan materials; however, this tool affects all objects using that material.

10 Making a Wall Covering Appear in Just One Room

Wall coverings can be limited to one wall of a room by dividing the wall into separate segments and specifying the wall coverings for each segment individually.

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