11 Restoring Materials Changed Using the Material Painter

To reset walls to their default materials using the material painter choose the option Use Default Material at the bottom of the Select Library Object dialog.

12 Setting up Default Materials for Stairs

There is not a defaults dialog for stairs. Instead, the default materials for stairs are specified in the General Material Defaults dialog.

13 Troubleshooting Why Materials Appear to Flicker When a Camera View is Rotated

Reasons why materials would flicker include plan placement, large terrain, materials occupying the same space and video card.

14 Using Copy and Paste Special Tools to Create a New Material

In Chief Architect, images can be added to the Library Browser for use in any plan using the Copy and Paste Special option.

15 Using Material Regions

Chief Architect's Material Region tools can be used to place different materials on a floor or wall within the same room, such as a walk-in shower.

16 Using the Different Material Painter Modes

The Material Painter modes help you specify exactly what is painted when you use the Material Painter tool: Component, Object, Room, Floor, Plan.