Layer Sets

1 Deleting Unused Layer Sets

Layer sets are an effective way to control not just what displays while you are working, but also what displays in the views you send to layout and print.

2 Displaying Framing in a Cross Section/Elevation View

To see framing in elevation views make sure framing has been generated and that it is set to display in those camera views.

3 Finding a Saved Camera that Does not Display in the Plan

If you have saved a 3D view but now do not see its symbol in floor plan view, turn on the display of the Cameras layer in the Layer Display Options.

4 How to use Layer Sets

5 Modifying the Color of the Reference Floor Lines

Floor reference lines are typically red but you can quickly to change them to be any color you choose using Chief Architect.

6 Turning Off the Display of the Foundation in an Elevation View

You can control the display of objects by checking or unchecking the Display column in Layer Display options for the active view's layerset.