1 Adding Wallpaper to a Room

Wallpaper can be quickly applied to all walls in a room, to individual walls, and to horizontal sections of either an individual wall or an entire room.

2 Changing how Square Footage is Calculated

Calculate the square footage of Living Area by including or excluding room types or calculate the total area of the footprint of the plan.

3 Creating a Breezeway

Create an open breezeway with a roof and exposed trusses as well as tree column supports from the Columns and Pillars Bonus Catalog.

4 Creating a Custom Walk-in Closet

Custom closet spaces can be designed by adding drawers and shelves to cabinets or by placing manual shelves and partitions.

5 Creating a Screen Porch

Screened panels can be created by applying a custom material to the glass in a window and then using copies of this window to form a porch.

6 Creating a Solarium

Create a custom wall type, manually adjust the roof and add manually places structural members to create this solarium/sun room.

7 Creating a Split Level Structure

You can easily create a split level in Chief Architect by controlling the floor and ceiling heights of different rooms in a plan.

8 Creating a Stepped Molding Profile

Customizing a sauna room in Chief Architect is easy to accomplish by creating custom molding profiles and applying them within your plan.

9 Creating a Suspended Ceiling

Like other kinds of lowered or dropped ceilings, you can create a suspended ceiling with ceiling tiles by setting up a custom Ceiling Finish Definition.

10 Creating an Open Below Room

Create a room that is open to the floor below by using the Open Below designation on the General tab of the Room Specification dialog.

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