11 Customizing a Garage Workspace Area

Using the Cabinet tools and library fixtures and furnishings, you can create a space in your garage to meet a variety of needs.

12 Determining the Area and Volume of Conditioned Space

Conditioned space is heated and cooled areas of the structure, it is calculated in volume and area. Here is one technique to determine the area of conditioned space.

13 Displaying the Square Footage of a Room

By default, the internal dimensions of a room are included in the room label. However, two other options for displaying room size in room labels are available.

14 Duplicating a Floor Plan on Another Level

It is possible to duplicate all objects on a floor including walls, doors, windows, and furniture by using the Edit Area tool.

15 How to Create a Split Level Entry

A split level entry consists of a landing with a floor height between the first floor and the basement and can be created by controlling floor and ceiling heights.

16 Message: Room Label text can only be modified through the Room Specification or Room Label Defaults dialogs.

This message displays to inform you that although the Room Label Specification dialog is a type of Text dialog, the text of the room label cannot be modified here.

17 Modifying Garage Floor and Stem Wall Heights

When Auto Rebuild Foundation is turned on, naming a room as Garage will cause changes to the way the foundation is built under that room.

18 Obtaining Library Content for Chief Architect X4

Re-install the core Content by Library and Install Core Content or download Bonus and Manufacturer content from our website.

19 Showing Lower Floors in Floor Overview Cameras

The Show Lower Floors in Floor Overviews feature makes it possible to see down the stairs or over a railing, gazing into the room below.

20 Troubleshooting Room Selection Issues

Rooms need to be made up of a completely enclosed space in Chief Architect.