1 Adding a Text Box to the Library Browser

The Add to Library tool isn't available for a single text box. However, you can block a text box, create a CAD Block, and add it to the Library.

2 Adding an Arrow to a Text Object

Arrows can be added to text using the Leader Line tool or the Text Line with Arrow tool from the Text option in the CAD menu.

3 Adding Date and Time Stamps to Plan and Layout Files

Time and date macros are formulas which update automatically based on your Windows system clock, so you do not need to manually update them.

4 Adding the Degree Character ° to Text

You can insert a degree symbol into text by using the special character macro or by using the Alt key and entering in the appropriate number code.

5 Controlling the Number of Decimals Used in a Text Macro

Many text macros are set up to display up to four decimal places, but you can easily reduce the number of decimal places used by creating a custom text macro.

6 Creating a Sign with 3D Lettering

There are a variety of ways to create 3D signage for your plans using objects such as polyline solids, 3D molding polylines, and symbols from the Library.

7 Creating a Text Based Table

There are a number of ways to approximate the look of tables in Chief Architect, including using the CAD tools to create boxes, lines, and Rich Text.

8 Creating and Using a Custom Text Style

Custom text styles are easy to create using Home Designer

9 Increasing Font Thickness

You can specify the text as Bold or increase the character height; however, if you do not wish to do either, you will need to select a different font.

10 Modifying a Text Box to have Rounded Corners

CAD polylines, CAD boxes, and many CAD-based objects can be quickly altered so that they have filleted, or rounded corners using the Fillet edit behavior.

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