1 Adding Light Fixtures and Other Electrical Objects to a Plan

Chief Architect contains tools to layout your electrical plan easy. Read more to learn how to take advantage of these useful tools.

2 Customizing a Light Fixture

You can customize any light fixture in Chief Architect so that it represents an LED light or other specialty lighting type.

3 Displaying a Structure's Shadow in Floor Plan View

Displaying any shadow for a building in plan view is easy when you design with Chief Architect.

4 Modifying a Light for Placement on a Stair or Pier Piling

Wall lights cannot be added to a plan unless they are placed on walls. However, it is possible to place wall lights in special locations using an Invisible Wall.

5 Using the Sun Angle Tool

You can use the Sun Angle tool to specify the exact latitude and longitude, as well as date and time, and then produce sunlight based on that information.

6 Working with Light Sources

You can use light sources to help produce dramatic, realistic 3D views. The three types of light sources in Chief Architect are Point, Spot, and Parallel lights.