Custom Objects

1 Creating a Chamfer or Bevel on the Top of a Concrete Column

Use the Cylinder and Cone primitives to create a tool that can then be used to create a bevel on the end of a cylinder and can be saved for future use.

2 Creating a Custom Chimney and Fireplace

Combinations of different objects such as fixtures, soffits, walls and wall openings allow you to create a wide variety of fireplace and chimney designs.

3 Creating a Custom Picture, Painting, or Sign

Photographs, pictures, paintings, and signs can be created using custom materials specified as Stretch to Fit so they do not tile repeatedly.

4 Creating a Custom Sail Shade

Use a custom shaped terrain perimeter with elevation data converted into a feature then converted into a symbol to create a custom sail shade.

5 Creating a Sign with 3D Lettering

There are a variety of ways to create 3D signage for your plans using objects such as polyline solids, 3D molding polylines, and symbols from the Library.

6 Creating Regular Polygon Shaped Objects

Using the Regular Polygon CAD tool, you can create a regularly shaped closed CAD object, Which can then be converted it into a variety of 3D objects.

7 Designing a Custom Drop-in Tub Enclosure

A modified base cabinet is used as a surround for a drop in tub imported from Kohler, which has been specified to insert into countertop, for this Master Bath.

8 Grey Water Reclamation Systems

Grey water recycling is an excellent way to reduce water usage because it offers a means to use some water - specifically, grey water - more than once.

9 Group Selecting Objects

Modify several items of the same type simultaneously by holding down the Shift key and then clicking or marquee selecting the desired items.

10 How to Change the Marquee Selection Mode

You can specify whether objects must be totally contained in or intersected by the marquee, or whether a center point must be contained in the marquee.

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