Custom Objects

11 Editing a Symbol's Rotation

A symbol's orientation, origin, 2D block, name, and other characteristics can be adjusted in its Symbol Specification dialog.

12 Grey Water Reclamation Systems

Grey water recycling is an excellent way to reduce water usage because it offers a means to use some water - specifically, grey water - more than once.

13 Group Selecting Objects

Modify several items of the same type simultaneously by holding down the Shift key and then clicking or marquee selecting the desired items.

14 Manually Creating a Box Window

Create a manual box window by drawing walls for the bump out, adjusting floor and ceiling heights, using a doorway for the opening and generating the roof.

15 Message: Area too constricted, could not position item here.

Having an area that is to small to accommodate a certain object will result in this message displaying.

16 Message: You have dimensioned to cross section lines.

When a cross section/elevation view is created, Chief Architect generates lines to represent the edges of objects that the camera is passing through.

17 Messages Received when Attempting to Center an Object.

These messages will display when you click in a location that does not allow the program to determine which wall of a room should be used to center the object.

18 Modeling Custom 3D Objects

Create objects using a variety of tools such as soffits, slabs, polyline solids, molding polylines and 3d molding polylines.

19 Moving Objects Without Restrictions

Many objects can be moved from one location to another without restrictions by holding down the Ctrl key on your keyboard.

20 Placing a Painting or Picture on a Wall

Paintings and other images can be applied as a material to the inner portion of a picture frame and then displayed on a wall or in a frame on a desk.