1 Creating a Waterfall Countertop Featured

2 Adding a Corner Cabinet

Corner cabinets can be created automatically using the auto corner cabinet feedback or by specifying a cabinet as a corner cabinet using the dialog.

3 Adding Glass Doors to a Cabinet

The Glass Doors checkbox option is only enabled when the cabinet's Door Style is specified as Framed or Slab.

4 Adding Glass Shelves to a Cabinet in X5 and earlier versions

Create glass shelves in cabinets by removing the default shelves and manually placing glass in their place.

5 Adding Moldings to Cabinets

Add multiple moldings to a single cabinet by using the the Offset settings located on the Moldings tab of the Cabinet Specification.

6 Adjusting Cabinet Width Increments and Minimum Cabinet Width

When resizing cabinets the width snaps to the default 3' increment. This default can be changed in the General Cabinet Defaults dialog.

7 Building a Wine Rack or Plate Shelf

Wine racks and plate racks can be added to cabinets by using the Door/Drawer tab of the Cabinet Specification dialog and the Specialty Storage catalog.

8 Creating a Custom Cabinet Symbol

Create custom cabinet symbols in Chief Architect using CAD polylines converted into polyline solids, exported as .dwg and imported as a custom symbol.

9 Creating a Custom Cabinet Symbol and Adding it to the Library

Cabinets can be edited and combined to create a wide variety of custom cabinetry and furniture, and then be saved in the Library Browser for future use.

10 Creating a Custom Sink Hole

Create a unique hole in a countertop for the sink by using a custom countertop and a hole created with closed polylines converted into a countertop hole.

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