11 Creating a Custom Walk-in Closet

Custom closet spaces can be designed by adding drawers and shelves to cabinets or by placing manual shelves and partitions.

12 Creating a Home Office Space

You can use the tools in the Chief Architect programs to design a home office that meets both your organizational needs and space limitations.

13 Creating an Appliance Garage in a Cabinet

Create a tambour or appliance garage in a cabinet by using a door style from the Specialty Storage catalog in the Library Browser.

14 Creating Barrier-free Cabinets

Create cabinets that accommodate wheelchairs by increasing the height and depth of the toe kick or by raising the cabinet off the floor.

15 Creating Cabinets with Open Doors

Create a cabinet with open doors by using an open cabinet and manually placing doors then rotating them about a pivot-point.

16 Creating Etched Glass

Create two sided cabinets by adjusting the settings on the Sides/Back tab then add a custom etched glass material to door panels.

17 Creating Frameless, Euro-style Cabinets in X3 and Prior Versions

Frameless, euro-style, cabinets can be created using the Front and Door/Drawer tabs of the Cabinet Specification dialog.

18 Creating Regular Polygon Shaped Objects

Using the Regular Polygon CAD tool, you can create a regularly shaped closed CAD object, Which can then be converted it into a variety of 3D objects.

19 Editing a Countertop Into a Custom Shape

Create unique countertops by using the Custom Countertop tool and CAD tools like Break Line, Change Line/Arc, Fillet and Chamfer tools.

20 How to Edit Cabinet Shelves

You can specify shelving in a cabinet and control attributes such as number, depth, spacing and thickness on the Front panel of the Cabinet Specification dialog.