21 Editing Cabinet Shelf Spacing and Styles

You can specify shelving in a cabinet and control attributes such as number, depth, spacing and thickness on the Front panel of the Cabinet Specification dialog.

22 Inserting Multiple Appliances into a Single Cabinet

Add an oven and a warming drawer to a single cabinet using the Specify Appliance button on the Front tab of the Cabinet Specification dialog.

23 Message: Cabinet not large enough to hold fixture/appliance

When attempting to place an appliance or fixture into a cabinet that is larger than the cabinet this error message will appear.

24 Message: The fixture or appliance currently in this cabinet will be deleted

When you attempt to place an appliance into a cabinet that already contains an appliance this message will appear.

25 Message: The symbol you are trying to place was designed to be placed in a cabinet

If you attempt to place a symbol into a plan that was meant to go into a cabinet this message will appear.

26 Placing a Cabinet Fixture in a Plan

One of several warning messages may display if you try to place a fixture into a cabinet that it is not designed to insert into.

27 Placing an Apron Sink into a Cabinet

An apron sink, which has a finished front surface that extends past the counter, can be placed into a base cabinet by following these steps.

28 Placing Two Handles on a Single Drawer

Have multiple Drawer pulls on a single drawer by modifying the In From Edge setting on the Cabinet Specification dialog.

29 Specifying Two Different Door Styles on a Cabinet in X4 and Prior

Create the appearance of a cabinet with two different door styles by setting the drawers to use door panels and door handles instead of drawer pulls.

30 Using Cabinets to Create an Entertainment Center

An entertainment center with custom pediment can be created using a full height cabinet and the Polyline Solid and Molding Polyline tools.