21 Designing Cabinet Fronts

22 Editing a Countertop Into a Custom Shape

Create unique countertops by using the Custom Countertop tool and CAD tools like Break Line, Change Line/Arc, Fillet and Chamfer tools.

23 How to Edit Cabinet Shelves

You can specify shelving in a cabinet and control attributes such as number, depth, spacing and thickness on the Front panel of the Cabinet Specification dialog.

24 Inserting Multiple Appliances into a Single Cabinet

Add an oven and a warming drawer to a single cabinet using the Specify Appliance button on the Front tab of the Cabinet Specification dialog.

25 Message: Cabinet not large enough to hold fixture/appliance

When attempting to place an appliance or fixture into a cabinet that is larger than the cabinet this error message will appear.

26 Message: The cabinet already has a fixture or appliance inserted into it

When you attempt to place an appliance into a cabinet that already contains an appliance this message will appear.

27 Message: The symbol you are trying to place was designed to be placed in a cabinet

If you attempt to place a symbol into a plan that was meant to go into a cabinet this message will appear.

28 Placing a Cabinet Fixture in a Plan

One of several warning messages may display if you try to place a fixture into a cabinet that it is not designed to insert into.

29 Placing an Apron Sink into a Cabinet

An apron sink, which has a finished front surface that extends past the counter, can be placed into a base cabinet by following these steps.

30 Placing Two Handles on a Single Drawer

Have multiple Drawer pulls on a single drawer by modifying the In From Edge setting on the Cabinet Specification dialog.