1 Adding a Filled, Closed Polyline to the Library Browser

Add a filled closed polyline to the library by group selecting the polyline, making it a CAD block and then adding it to the library.

2 Adding an Insertion Point to a CAD Block

Create a CAD point in a CAD block to use as a snap to assist snapping CAD objects precisely in CAD Details. Add details to library for future use.

3 Adding Detail to a Cross Section View

Create detail drawings in your plan using the Auto Detail tool, CAD blocks from the library or manually using the CAD tools.

4 Adjusting Line Weight Scaling

Line weight scaling affects both line weights and line styles, and can be particularly noticeable with dashed line styles.

5 Creating a Cabinet Detail

Cabinet elevations can be easily created using the Wall Elevation, and CAD Detail From View tools. Trim unnecessary lines using the Trim Objects tool.

6 Creating a Custom Line Style

The Line Style Specification dialog allows you to create new line styles in the library that include dashes, dots, and text.

7 Creating a Plot Plan

Create a plot plan polyline by imputing distance and angle into the New CAD Line dialog then converting the polyline into a terrain perimeter.

8 Creating a Polyline Solid that Contains an Arc

To create a polyline solid with precise dimensions use the CAD tools to create a closed polyline of the desired shape and convert it to a polyline solid.

9 Creating an Isometric Cutaway View of a Floor System

Create an Isometric cutaway view by using invisible walls to separate the areas and different floor structures to show the layers.

10 Creating HVAC and Plumbing Runs

You can use the special line styles and custom layers in Chief Architect to draw your Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) and Plumbing plans.

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