11 Customizing a CAD Block

The CAD Blocks library category contains generic drawings that are intended to be a starting point for you to create the exact detail drawing that you need.

12 Customizing a Light Fixture

You can customize any light fixture in Chief Architect so that it represents an LED light or other specialty lighting type.

13 Deleting Unused CAD Blocks from a Plan

The CAD Block Management feature allows you to view a list of all CAD blocks referenced in the current plan and rename, insert or purge CAD blocks.

14 Drawing a Custom Gutter Molding Profile

Create a custom gutter profile by using CAD lines, arcs and splines then add the molding to the library for future use.

15 Exploding a Resized CAD Block

If the CAD block has been stretched so that it no longer has the same aspect ratio, it cannot be unblocked, The Height and width factor must first be reset.

16 Flipping a CAD Block

CAD blocks, architectural objects, and even groups of objects can be flipped, reversed or mirrored using the Reflect About Object edit tool.

17 Grey Water Reclamation Systems

Grey water recycling is an excellent way to reduce water usage because it offers a means to use some water - specifically, grey water - more than once.

18 How to Change an Open Polyline to a Closed Polyline

Individual CAD lines and arcs can be snapped together end-to-end to form a polyline, but only when Endpoint Object Snaps are on and Edit Object Parts is off.

19 Positioning a CAD Block with Accuracy

Use a temporary CAD Point to create the necessary snap point and then use the Point to Point Move edit tool to reposition a CAD block with accuracy.

20 Showing the As-Built in a Remodel Plan

A great way to show the as-built condition on a remodel project is to create an 'As-Built Mask' CAD block of the existing structure.