1 Controlling Door and Window Framing

The framing around a custom door and window unit can be customized in any way you choose when using Chief Architect.

2 Creating a Beam

Create a floor, ceiling or roof beam using the Build Framing Floor/Ceiling Beam or Roof Beam menu and manually drawing the structural member.

3 Creating a Beam with a Decorative End Cut

The easiest way to create decorative beams is using Polyline Solids. You can convert these into symbols and save them in the library for future use.

4 Creating a Post and Beam Structure

A wide variety of methods can be used to model this type of structure. In this example, a simple structure composed of posts, beams, and trusses is created.

5 Creating a Solarium

Create a custom wall type, manually adjust the roof and add manually places structural members to create this solarium/sun room.

6 Creating a Traditional Pole Barn Structure

A pole structure does not fall into the category of conventional framing, so when building a pole barn, we need to use the framing and CAD tools creatively.

7 Creating Steel Wall Framing

To create steel wall framing, you need to either use one of the Steel wall types or create a custom wall type that uses a steel wall framing material.

8 Deleting Roof Framing

Once roof framing is created it is independent of the roof planes, allowing you to delete the framing or the roof independently of the other.

9 Displaying Only Roof Framing in a 3D View

Display only roof framing in 3d views by managing layers in the layer Display Options dialog and layersets in the Layerset Management dialog.

10 General Framing Guidelines

Learn how to set up Framing Defaults, using automatic framing, using manual framing and changing framing defaults in existing plans.

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