1 Controlling Door and Window Framing

The framing around a custom door and window unit can be customized in any way you choose when using Chief Architect.

2 Creating a Beam

Create a floor, ceiling or roof beam using the Build Framing Floor/Ceiling Beam or Roof Beam menu and manually drawing the structural member.

3 Creating a Beam with a Decorative End Cut

The easiest way to create decorative beams is using Polyline Solids. You can convert these into symbols and save them in the library for future use.

4 Creating a Pole Barn Structure in X1 and Prior

A pole structure is not made with conventional framing. So when building a pole barn, we need to use the program's framing and CAD tools creatively.

5 Creating a Solarium

Create a custom wall type, manually adjust the roof and add manually places structural members to create this solarium/sun room.

6 Creating Steel Wall Framing

To create steel wall framing, you need to either use one of the Steel wall types or create a custom wall type that uses a steel wall framing material.

7 Deleting Framing

Delete framing individually or by framing category from a room, a floor, or from all floors using the Delete objects tool in the Edit menu.

8 Displaying Only Roof Framing in a 3D View

Display only roof framing in 3d views by managing layers in the layer Display Options dialog and layersets in the Layerset Management dialog.

9 General Framing Guidelines

Learn how to set up Framing Defaults, using automatic framing, using manual framing and changing framing defaults in existing plans.

10 How to Create a Traditional Pole Barn Structure

A pole structure does not fall into the category of conventional framing, so when building a pole barn, we need to use the framing and CAD tools creatively.

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