11 Displaying Only Roof Framing in a 3D View

Display only roof framing in 3d views by managing layers in the layer Display Options dialog and layersets in the Layerset Management dialog.

12 General Framing Guidelines

Learn how to set up Framing Defaults, using automatic framing, using manual framing and changing framing defaults in existing plans.

13 Manually Editing Wall Framing

Wall framing can be edited in 2D or 3D views. Once selected, a wall stud can be edited using its edit handles, edit toolbar buttons or the Framing Specification.

14 Manually Framing a Dropped Ceiling

A dropped ceiling is a secondary ceiling, hung below the structural ceiling. May also be referred to as a drop ceiling, false ceiling, or suspended ceiling.

15 Modifying Automatic Deck Framing

Automatic Deck Framing is a fast way to generate your decks' posts, beams, joists and planking. You can then modify any of these framing members as needed.

16 Specifying the Depth of Floor Joists

Floor platform structure can be specified on a floor using the Framing dialog, in a room using the Room specification, or by individual floor joist.

17 Specifying the on Center Spacing for Wall Framing

There are two ways to specify the on-center spacing of wall studs: Globally or individually for each wall type used in a plan.

18 Troubleshooting Floor and Ceiling Framing

Framing for the floor and ceiling will not generate, if certain attributes within the Room Specification dialog box are checked.

19 Troubleshooting Wall Framing Issues

When framed wall types don't generate framing there can be one of several settings that have been modified in the walls themselves. Follow these steps to correct the issue and generate framing for all your framed walls.