Import & Export

1 Importing a Room Planner Design into Chief Architect and Home Designer Featured

Save your Room Planner designs on Cloud Storage and then import your designs into Chief Architect X6 for additional work on the plan file.

2 Converting Plan Files to .dwg or .dxf Format

Converting a Chief Architect plan file into a two-dimensional AutoCAD compatible .dxf or .dwg file is easy to do using the Export Tools.

3 Exporting your drawings to REScheck

This article covers how to export your plan to RESCheck from Chief Architect Premier.

4 Importing an Excel or Other Spreadsheet

If you need to import information from an excel spreadsheet, you can easily do this into your Chief Architect Plan file.

5 Importing Terrain Elevation Data from a dxf or dwg File

Many surveyors save their surveys into a DWG, or DXF, file that contains the elevation information about a lot. Chief Architect can import and use this data.

6 Locating an Imported 2D .dxf or .dwg File

When you are going through the Import Drawing Wizard the second to last page of the wizard gives you the option to Move drawing to the origin.

7 Modeling a Subdivision or Lot with Multiple Structures

Saving your plans as 3 dimensional symbols allows you to place multiple buildings in a single plan to create a 3D view of an entire neighborhood or subdivision.

8 Modifying the Scale of a .dxf or .dwg File Imported into Chief Architect

If you have a .dxf or .dwg drawing that was not drawn at 1:1, it needs to be imported using a custom unit of measurement that converts it to a 1:1 drawing.

9 Tracing Over an Imported File to Create a 3D Model

There isn't a way to convert a digital image into a 3D model in Chief Architect; however, you can use an image of a floor plan as a template to trace over.

10 Troubleshooting why a DWG or DXF File did not Import Correctly

Missing data from .dwg or .dxf imports can be a result of version compatibility, paper space, x referencing or unsupported formats.

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