1 Adding a Wall Covering

Wall coverings can be limited to one wall of a room by dividing the wall into separate segments and specifying the wall coverings for each segment individually.

2 Adding Drywall to Part of an Exterior Wall

In some situations, a single wall may need to serve as both an exterior wall with sheathing and siding materials and also an interior wall with sheetrock.

3 Adjusting Wall Connections

Wall intersections in your plan are easy to modify using Home Designer

4 Aligning Different Thickness Walls

Specify how walls align by going into the General Wall Defaults in Default settings and adjusting the Resize About setting, this determines how walls snap together.

5 Aligning Walls Between Floors in Chief Architect

Checking wall alignment between floors is easily done using the Reference Display and the Align With Wall Above and Align With Wall Below edit tools.

6 Changing an Existing Wall's Type

Change a single wall’s type or group select and change multiple walls by changing the wall type on the Wall Types tab of the Wall Specification dialog.

7 Changing the Color or Material of a Single Wall

Changing the color of a single wall within your Chief Architect plan is easy and fast.

8 Changing the Height of a Retaining Wall

The height of a retaining wall is initially determined by the heights of the terrain on either side of the wall. Once created, its height can be changed.

9 Changing the Height of Walls

Wall height in is determined by the ceiling height of a given room. To change the wall height you need to change the ceiling height.

10 Changing the Pitch of a Single Automatic Roof Plane

To change the settings for a particular roof plane in your plan, you can specify these special settings on the Roof tab of the Wall Specification dialog.