1 Adding a Wall Covering in a Room

Wall coverings can be limited to one wall of a room by dividing the wall into separate segments and specifying the wall coverings for each segment individually.

2 Adding Drywall to Part of an Exterior Wall

In some situations, a single wall may need to serve as both an exterior wall with sheathing and siding materials and also an interior wall with sheetrock.

3 Adjusting Wall Connections

Wall intersections in your plan are easy to modify using Home Designer

4 Aligning Different Thickness Walls

Specify how walls align by going into the General Wall Defaults in Default settings and adjusting the Resize About setting, this determines how walls snap together.

5 Aligning Walls Between Floors

Checking wall alignment between floors is easily done using the Reference Display and the Align With Wall Above and Align With Wall Below edit tools.

6 Changing an Existing Wall's Type

Change a single wall’s type or group select and change multiple walls by changing the wall type on the Wall Types tab of the Wall Specification dialog.

7 Changing the Height of a Retaining Wall

The height of a retaining wall is initially determined by the heights of the terrain on either side of the wall. Once created, its height can be changed.

8 Changing the Height of Walls

Wall height in is determined by the ceiling height of a given room. To change the wall height you need to change the ceiling height.

9 Changing the Pitch of a Single Automatic Roof Plane

To change the settings for a particular roof plane in your plan, you can specify these special settings on the Roof tab of the Wall Specification dialog.

10 Controlling the Inset Depth of a Window Placed in a Thick Wall

You can specify the Inset value for a window's frame to control whether it is located near the exterior of the frame, near the interior, or at the center.