11 Creating a Curtain Wall

Curtain walls are typically used on commercial buildings; however, they also have residential applications - for example, sun rooms or indoor swimming pools.

12 Creating a Flat Parapet Roof

A parapet roof can be created using halfwalls or solid railings and then specifying a roofing material for the Parapet room’s floor.

13 Creating a Manual Attic Wall

If the program is unable to determine where you need an attic wall it is possible to manually draw a wall where needed and specify it as an attic wall.

14 Creating a Railing Under a Dormer Wing Wall

Any wall set as “Roof Cuts Wall at Bottom” can have a railing wall placed directly beneath it. The wing walls on automatic dormers have this option preselected.

15 Creating a Steam Shower

Designing a steam stall for a bathroom complete with vapor-resistant walls is easy in with your Chief Architect software.

16 Creating a Stepped Retaining Wall

Stepped retaining walls are a nice feature to add to your landscape. Chief Architect makes it easy.

17 Creating an Arched Parapet Wall

You can create an arched parapet wall by building a new 2nd floor, adjusting the materials, using a curved roof plane and modifying the front parapet wall.

18 Creating Furred Walls

Furred walls are useful for finishing a basement area and to provide room for insulation and can be represented using the furred wall setting.

19 Creating Walls with a Block and Tie Beam

A CBS, or ¬concrete, block and stucco wall is actually two wall types placed on top of one another. A pony wall can be used to model both of these wall sections.

20 Defining a New Wall Type

Having your walls defined correctly is essential to making an accurate design. Chief Architect makes it easy.