31 Message: The main layer of existing walls will be moved to accommodate this wall type change.

This warning indicates that you have changed the Main Layer for a wall type that exists in your plan and that walls will be moved to accommodate the change.

32 Message: The set of main layers for this wall type is unusually thin. This is probably undesirable.

In most circumstances, the Main Layer should be specified as the structural layer of the wall, particularly when the wall is a framed type.

33 Message: This operation modifies one or more automatically generated walls

Automatically generated attic walls are formed when there is a gap between a wall that defines a living space and the roof above it.

34 Moving Walls Using Dimensions

Although dimensions display as you are drawing, you do not need to position walls precisely when you first draw them: they can be moved into place at any time.

35 Removing a Molding from a Single Wall

You can control the molding on a wall-by-wall basis by using the Room Molding Polyline tool located on the Edit Toolbar when you have the room selected.

36 Restoring the Display of Walls in 3D

Walls may not appear in camera views because they are set to invisible, the Walls, Normal layer is turned off or the ceilings heights are wrong.

37 Reversing Wall Layers

If you draw a wall in the wrong direction in error and you see siding on the wrong side, use the Reverse Layers tool to correct it.

38 Selecting an Individual Wall in a Camera View

Chief Architect is an object based program and that includes rooms. So how do you make sure that you've selected a wall instead of a room?

39 Troubleshooting Wall Framing Issues

When framed wall types don't generate framing there can be one of several settings that have been modified in the walls themselves. Follow these steps to correct the issue and generate framing for all your framed walls.

40 Turning off the Display of Attic Walls

When the program detects an open space between a wall and the roof plane above, it automatically creates an Attic Wall to fill in the gap.