31 Selecting an Individual Wall in a Camera View

Chief Architect is an object based program and that includes rooms. So how do you make sure that you've selected a wall instead of a room?

32 Toggling the Display of Wall Layers on and off

Here's how to show or hide the wall layers in your Chief Architect plan.

33 Troubleshooting Wall Framing Issues

When framed wall types don't generate framing there can be one of several settings that have been modified in the walls themselves. Follow these steps to correct the issue and generate framing for all your framed walls.

34 Using Marriage Walls

The Double Wall options in Chief Architect specify how a selected straight wall frames when it is parallel to and touching a second wall.

35 Using the CAD to Walls Tool

The CAD to Walls tool can be used to convert CAD lines in floor plan view into architectural objects like walls, windows and doors.