1 Changing a Door's Hinge and Swing Sides

Changing the hinge and swing sides of a door is easy to do using its edit handles or the Change Opening/Hinge Side and Change Swing Side edit buttons.

2 Controlling Door and Window Framing

The framing around a custom door and window unit can be customized in any way you choose when using Chief Architect.

3 Creating a Custom Door Symbol

You can create custom door symbols using many methods. One way is using solids to create a custom panel door and add it to our library for use in other plans.

4 Creating a Cutout for Doors in Concrete Walls

You can specify the desired size of a door's concrete cutout and then modify the framing around the door manually in a few simple steps.

5 Creating a Monogram for an Entry Door

Create a monogram for a door by using a 3D Text symbol for the initial and by creating a circular medallion for the initial’s background.

6 Creating a Storm Door

To make a storm door you need to place the storm door in the same location as the standard door. Do this by first temporarily disabling Bumping and Pushing.

7 Creating a Transom and Side Lites for a Door

A selection of entryways with transoms and lites can be found in the Doorways library category, or you can create one yourself using the Door and Window Tools.

8 Creating a Wrapped Opening

Wrapped openings of various shapes are available in the Doors & Doorways section of the Library Browser or by placing a doorway and modifying it.

9 Listing Fire Doors in a Door Schedule

By following a few steps, any door in Chief Architect can be specified as a fire door and listed as such in the Materials List and Door Schedules.

10 Showing Doors Open in 3D

You can open individual doors using the Door Specification or you can set the defaults to make every door show as open in your 3D views.

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