1 Adding or Modifying Ridge Caps

Generating and editing ridge caps can be done on the Ridge Caps tab in the Build Roof dialog or in the Roof Plane Specification dialog.

2 Adding Roof Gutters

The Library Browser includes a selection of gutter profiles that can be applied to both automatically generated and manually drawn roofs.

3 Automatically Creating a Saltbox Roof

A basic salt box style roof can be created by placing walls correctly and using the Knee Wall setting on the Roof tab of the Wall Specification dialog.

4 Building a Cape Cod Roof by Adjusting Ceiling Heights

There are a number of ways that a Cape Cod style house can be created automatically. One way is by controlling ceiling heights.

5 Building a Roof that Bears on the First Floor Walls of a Two Story Structure

The roof is generated on the top of the highest story in your structure. You can, however, specify that the top floor be ignored when the roof is created.

6 Building an 'L' Shaped Structure with Full Gable Ends

A reverse gable, sometimes called an opposing gable, is perpendicular to the main gable roof. It can join the main roof anywhere along the main roof.

7 Changing the Pitch of a Single Automatic Roof Plane

To change the settings for a particular roof plane in your plan, you can specify these special settings on the Roof tab of the Wall Specification dialog.

8 Creating a Carport

Create an attached carport that ties into the roof of the main structure by using a deck railing and a manually drawn roof plane.

9 Creating a Clerestory Style Roof

A clerestory is an interior wall built above part of the roof with high windows to let in light and can be created using the Roof Cuts Wall at Bottom setting.

10 Creating a Curved Barrel Roof

A barrel roof can be created by using the Curved Roof settings on the General tab of the Roof Plane Specification dialog.

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