11 Creating a Flat Parapet Roof

A parapet roof can be created using halfwalls or solid railings and then specifying a roofing material for the Parapet room’s floor.

12 Creating a Symbol that Sits on the Roof

You can create or import a symbol and specify that it sit on the top of the roof in your plan using the Sits on Roof option in the Symbol Specification dialog.

13 Creating Curved or Flared Eaves

In this example, we will add flared eaves to an automatically generated gambrel roof. This will require three different roof planes on each side of the ridge.

14 Creating Hip and Gable Roofs Manually

Learn how to set your defaults for building a roof, how to draw roof planes to create a hip roof, and how to create a roof planes for a gable roof.

15 Creating Ridge Caps in X4 and Earlier Versions

Newer products have a ridge cap tool. To Create ridge caps in older products it is necessary to manually create and edit roof planes.

16 Creating Roof Returns Manually

In addition to the automatic roof returns, roof returns can be created by drawing and placing manually drawn roof planes.

17 Deleting the Grey X's that Display when Modifying Roof Planes

The display of Roof Intersection Points can be toggled using the Automatically Place Roof Intersection Points setting on the Architectural panel of Preferences.

18 Joining a Barrel Roof to a Flat Roof Plane

After being drawn, the side of a curved roof plane can be joined to a side of a flat roof plane by using the Join Roof Planes edit tool.

19 Joining Curved Roof Planes

One way to create as barrel roof is to jointwo roof planes. It is best to join them before they are specified as curved.

20 Message: A roof overhang may intrude too far into a wall.

This warning message displays when a roof plane overhang is extending into a wall in your plan rather than butting against the wall's surface.