Messages & Errors

1 Information About Error Messages

You can click the Check Help Database button at the bottom left corner of any warning or error message to launch your Internet browser to our online Help Database.

2 Message: A graphic file cannot be found.

This Information message displays when the program cannot find the backdrop image or a picture file associated with the plan or layout file you are opening.

3 Message: A material appears to have an incorrect pattern.

Materials are represented by patterns in vector based rendering techniques. This message will display if a material in the plan has a problem with its pattern.

4 Message: A newer version of this program is now available. Would you like to learn more about upgrading?

This message will appear if a newer version of your software title has been released. Click Yes for information about upgrading, or click No to launch the program

5 Message: A polyline does not contain one of its holes.

If you are receiving this warning, here a few things you can try to resolve it.

6 Message: A polyline is supposed to be closed but has a gap between two of its lines.

This error message displays when a CAD based object, such as a roof plane, has been edited or altered in such a way that its perimeter has been broken.

7 Message: A roof overhang may intrude too far into a wall.

This warning message displays when a roof plane overhang is extending into a wall in your plan rather than butting against the wall's surface.

8 Message: A roof with zero length baseline was detected

If a roof baseline has a length of zero, you may receive this error message.

9 Message: A room has a negative ceiling height.

Finding the problematic location related to this message can be done by following the steps within this article.

10 Message: A surface is using a texture that cannot be found.

This article describes why a texture cannot be found within Chief Architect as well as finding a resolution