Messages & Errors

21 Message: Cannot find or open the file to save your plan.

Saving your plan or layout file to an appropriate location is a critical step in the file management process.

22 Message: Cannot open custom toolbar configuration file.

This message appears when the Custom Toolbar file could not be opened. The problem can be resolved by creating or importing a new custom toolbar configuration.

23 Message: Cannot Produce a Roof Plane

24 Message: Couldn't find electrical objects in the electrical library.

This message displays when a plan file is opened, and its electrical defaults reference objects that are not present in the library of the current program version.

25 Message: Deck is over a non deck room. Framing may not be correct.

When creating a deck on an upper level you may receive a warning that the framing may not work as expected.

26 Message: Do you want to display the layer?

Placing an object on a layer that is currently not displayed in the current view will generate this message.

27 Message: Do you want to use this file as your default template?

When you select New Plan From Template, you are able to create a new, blank file based on a template other than the one specified in the Preferences dialog

28 Message: Errors were found in parsing input

This warning message will display if you type characters into a field where they have no meaning. Like if you type letters into a field that requires numbers.

29 Message: File being read is terminated early

This message indicates that the file you are trying to open is corrupted and can no longer be used. You may need to revert to an archive.

30 Message: For the best results, refrain from using the computer while recording.