Messages & Errors

31 Message: Overly complex wall surfaces being produced.

If there is a wall in your plan that contains a complex set of openings, or a large number of mulled openings in one wall this error may display.

32 Message: System security bypassed or malfunctioning. Exit system immediately. Do not save any files.

If Chief Architect is unable to verify your license security over the internet or through your hardware lock this message will appear.

33 Message: The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect.

Receiving this error may require a re-installation of the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable packages.

34 Message: The archive folder was moved. New archives will be created there as well.

35 Message: The cabinet already has a fixture or appliance inserted into it

When you attempt to place an appliance into a cabinet that already contains an appliance this message will appear.

36 Message: The default template was not found.

This message will display if you try to open a new plan or layout, but the program cannot find the file that you've specified as your template.

37 Message: The e-mail address or password you entered was incorrect.

As the message implies, either the e-mail address, or password, that you are entering is incorrect. Verify spelling and case and if necessary reset your password.

38 Message: The file appears to be locked.

This error message indicates that there may be another process using the file you are attempting to open.

39 Message: The file that saves the library item button information appears to be corrupt or out of date.

This warning message will appear when the toolbar button that you have selected needs to be associated with an object from your Library.

40 Message: The following fonts are not available on this system.

Chief Architect uses the fonts in your Windows Fonts folder. If you do not find a specific custom font on a particular computer, you can install it.