Messages & Errors

41 Message: The file that saves the library item button information appears to be corrupt or out of date.

This warning message will appear when the toolbar button that you have selected needs to be associated with an object from your Library.

42 Message: The fixture or appliance currently in this cabinet will be deleted

When you attempt to place an appliance into a cabinet that already contains an appliance this message will appear.

43 Message: The layer is locked.

44 Message: The library has an invalid version number.

Library catalogs are available for download from our 3D Library website. While there are catalogs available for several different version of Chief Architect, you should only attempt to install those for your version.

45 Message: The line weight scale in your layout is not the same as in the view being sent to layout.

This warning message appears when the Line Weight Scale setting for a view being sent to layout is not the same as the Line Weight Scale setting for the plan file.

46 Message: The material was duplicated. It was renamed to avoid confusion.

47 Message: The plan file you are attempting to open appears to be corrupted.

48 Message: The program cannot move a roof edge to another without making one of its adjacent edges zero length or reversing it.

Receiving this message indicates that an illogical or undo-able roof configuration is trying to be built.

49 Message: The resource you requested will be opened in your default web browser.

50 Message: The stairs do not reach the floor above.

Lengthening a staircase or increasing the rise angle are just two solutions that can be done to make your stairs reach the next floor.