Messages & Errors

51 Message: The symbol you are trying to place was designed to be placed in a cabinet

If you attempt to place a symbol into a plan that was meant to go into a cabinet this message will appear.

52 Message: This file cannot be saved to the specified location.

Saving your plan or layout file to an appropriate location is a critical step in the file management process.

53 Message: This object overlaps or crosses itself.

If a CAD based object such as a slab, custom countertop, or polyline solid is overlapping itself, then you may receive this message.

54 Message: This operation modifies one or more automatically generated walls

Automatically generated attic walls are formed when there is a gap between a wall that defines a living space and the roof above it.

55 Message: This plan cannot be opened.

Plans created in newer titles are unable to be opened with older versions of Chief Architect and Home Designer software.

56 Message: Unable to import .SKP file in X5

This warning message will display in the 64-bit version of Chief Architect X5 when you try to import a 3D symbol created in Trimble Sketchup.

57 Message: Unable to open the file.

Changing the file extension of your plan or working over a network are just a few of the reasons why you may receive this message.

58 Message: Unable to read the file. This file contains no data.

This message appears when you try to open a Chief Architect file, but the file does not have any information saved in it that the program can read.

59 Message: Unexpected character encountered when parsing.

If you type a character into a dimensions string that is not in one of the three types of allowed characters, this Warning message will display.

60 Message: Unsupported file type for this view. Cannot import the file.

This Warning message will display if you try to import and the file is not a type that can be imported either into the active view or into the program in general.