Messages & Errors

61 Message: You can edit this plan fully using Chief Architect

Home Designer has the ability to open Chief Architect Plans but you may have limited functionality when it comes to making modifications.

62 Message: You created an object on the attic floor.

63 Message: You do not appear to be using a driver customized for your video card.

This message displays when you do not have a video card driver provided by the manufacturer, often described as an installed client driver.

64 Message: You must first create and then select a polyline or spline to use as your path to record a walk-through.

This message displays when you select 3D> Walkthroughs> Record Walkthrough Along Path but do not have a CAD object that will serve as the path selected.

65 Message: Your account is currently logged in on another computer.

This warning means that you are already logged in to the website on another system, or possibly you have another web browser open in which you are still logged in.

66 Message: Your browser may not be accepting internet cookies.

The likely reason for receiving this message is that cookies have been disabled in your web browser. To learn how to enable them, see the manufacturer's website.

67 Message: Your hotkeys configuration could not be loaded.

This message will appear if the program cannot read the UserHotkeys.xml file located in your Hotkeys folder. To resolve the issue try renaming your Hotkeys folder.

68 Message: Your video card is unable to provide optimum 3D performance.

You may receive this message if you have an outdated video driver or an unsupported video card.

69 Resolving a Gap Between Floors in Camera Views

A gap between floors is usually caused by modifying the Platform to this Line option in your Wall Type Definitions dialog so that it is on the exterior surface.

70 Specifying the Floor Structure for a Deck

Deck planking is part of the structure and does not require a finish layer. When a floor finish layer is added to a Deck room a message will display.