Academic License FAQ

Qualified Educational Institutions

An educational institution accredited by a government agency within its applicable local, state, provincial, federal, or national government and has the primary purpose of teaching students. Non-accredited educational institutions are specifically excluded for school licenses.

Qualified examples include:

Do school licenses expire?

Yes. School licenses expire each year.

Do academic (school and student) licenses come with SSA?

Yes. Support & Software Assurance (SSA) benefits include upgrades, video access, library catalog downloads, and technical support.

How do I qualify for a student license?

Students can apply for a student license by filling out our Student License Application. Students must provide proof of current enrollment in school. Proof may be in the form of a school schedule or transcript. The student must be enrolled in a degree-granting program.

Home school programs which belong to a nationally recognized home schooling body or recognized by a local school governing body as an acceptable alternative to an accredited educational institution may qualify for a student license. If you are a Home School, please provide the documentation with your student license application.

Do student licenses expire?

Yes. Student licenses expire at the end of every term. Students can apply for subsequent terms if they are still enrolled and taking classes at that time. They will need to reapply and provide updated proof.

Can academic (school or student) licenses be used for commercial use?

No. The academic software license is discounted for the purposes of educational use only. The software includes an academic watermark.

Which version of Chief Architect do schools and students receive?

School and student licenses are based on Chief Architect Premier.

Is the software limited in any way?

The school and student versions are full, working, versions. Layout pages include a watermark: "Not for Commercial Use".

Can I sell an academic license?

School and student licenses cannot be transferred or sold.

Does the software require the use of a hardware lock?

No, the license runs with Software Lock Security.

How is the software delivered after purchase? What do I receive?

The software is provided via electronic download for installation.

Manuals and documentation are electronic.

Hard copy manuals and backup media can be purchased separately. Visit the add-on products page.

What are the system requirements?

Chief Architect runs on Mac and Windows systems. Internet access is required for installation, license authentication, deactivation, videos, and library catalog downloads.

Please visit our system requirements page for detailed specifications.

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