Chief Architect Software Subscription

Using Chief Architect is now easier than ever. You can choose a monthly or annual subscription. The annual subscription will save you 16% over the monthly option. Subscriptions include access to all the features in Chief Architect plus Support & Software Assurance (SSA).

Purchase Options


Chief Architect Premier


  • Software Upgrades
  • Premium Catalog Downloads
  • Priority Technical Support
Billed Annually save 16%
Billed Monthly

Free Introductory On-Demand Training
Thru Mar. 25 ($245 Value)

Chief Architect Premier

  • Have a legacy license of Chief Architect? Save on your first year when you upgrade.

$995 first year
Save 50% on year 1

Free Introductory On-Demand Training
Thru Mar. 25 ($245 Value)

Software Subscription Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get a free upgrade if a new version releases during my subscription?

Yes. Your upgrade will be available through your online account.

How often do subscription charges occur?

For annual licenses, payments will be charged to your credit card one year from the day you began your software subscription. For monthly licenses, payments will be charged to your credit card each month on the day you began your software subscription. If a monthly payment falls on a day that does not exist in the current month, the billing date will be adjusted to the last day of the month.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Contact Chief Architect to cancel your software subscription—the preferred method to cancel is by phone. Your software subscription is only canceled after you receive a cancellation notice from Chief Architect. Access to the software will end at the conclusion of the current billing period.

Does Chief Architect have a software rental?

Software rentals have been replaced with subscriptions.

What happens if a subscription payment is missed, late, or declined?

The subscription will be canceled and your software access will end.

Does the 2‑week money-back guarantee apply to subscriptions?

Annual subscriptions do qualify for the money-back guarantee. Monthly software subscription products do not qualify for the money-back guarantee. See the complete satisfaction guarantee.

Sales Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install the software on more than one computer?

Yes. Chief Architect is a single-user license intended for one person. The software can be installed on multiple computers for personal use, but only one computer can be active at a time. You can switch between your computers as much as you like, and the process is quick and easy. Visit the knowledge base to learn how to use Chief Architect on multiple computers.

What is the backup USB?

The optional backup USB is a thumb drive that contains a copy of the software installer and core library content. The backup USB drive provides a long-term option for installing the software should you need it in the future. The USB drive may be a good option for installing the software if your internet service is slow.

What type of computer do I need to run Chief Architect?

Chief Architect is both Mac and PC compatible. Visit the system requirements page for details, or read our blog post about how to choose a new computer to run Chief Architect.

Do you have a free trial? What are the limitations, and how long does it last?

Yes. The Chief Architect Trial Version has all of the same tools and features as the paid version with the exception of saving, printing, exporting, and virtual tours. The trial version does not expire.

What training resources are available for learning to use the software?

Chief Architect offers many training resources to aid in learning the software. All of the free resources are available to use with the trial version.

Free Training Resources

Additional Training Resources

I use specific manufacturers in my designs; will they be available in Chief Architect?

The Chief Architect 3D Library offers catalog downloads of both manufacturer-specific and generic content. You can also import 3D objects, materials, and colors into Chief Architect from third-party sources, including directly from manufacturers' websites if available.

What happens once I purchase a license subscription?

When you purchase a new license subscription, your order is processed immediately, and you receive an e-mail with instructions on how to sign into your online account and download the software.

If you purchase an upgrade, your order is validated and processed within one business day. Once your order is processed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail notifying you that your software is available to download in your online account.

What is your return policy?

Chief Architect offers a 2‑week satisfaction guarantee on annual subscriptions. Chief Architect monthly subscription products, backup media, Support & Software Assurance (SSA), and 3D Library catalog packs are excluded from the satisfaction guarantee. See the complete satisfaction guarantee.

What is Support and Software Assurance (SSA)?

Support and Software Assurance (SSA) is included with new license purchases and upgrades. SSA includes the following services:

  • Upgrades
  • Priority technical support
  • Catalog downloads