Support & Software Assurance (SSA)

Chief Architect offers SSA on an annual basis. SSA is included with all new purchases of Premier and Interiors. It is optional to renew after the first year.

Support & Software Assurance provides the following benefits:

  • Updates, Major Releases, and New Versions
  • Priority Technical Support
  • Download Library Catalogs
  • Discounts on Select Training
  • Discounts on Secondary Licenses

Purchase Options


SSA Support & Software Assurance Details

  • > New Releases, Updates and Major Upgrades

    Receive new releases, updates and upgrades at no charge. All software is distributed electronically as a download service. Optional backup media is available. In order to access updates and upgrades your licensed product must be registered. Access your Digital Locker.

  • > Priority Technical Support

    Based here in our corporate offices, Chief Architect's Technical Support team provides courteous, knowledgeable service for users of the current version of Chief Architect. Support offers assistance with installation issues and program errors. Priority Technical Support is available to Support and Software Assurance members and places your telephone call ahead of callers without SSA.

  • > Download Library Catalogs

    Chief Architect offers generic and name-brand catalogs for download. The available catalogs continue to grow and are typically refreshed on a monthly basis. We have some exciting new name-brand catalogs. Visit the 3D Library.

  • > Discount on Additional Licenses

    Receive special pricing for secondary or additional licenses of Chief Architect. You save over 30% on secondary licenses. In addition, you save 30% on SSA renewal for the secondary license. The additional license discount does not apply to Academic, Student, or NFR licenses.

  • > Discounted Training Seminars

    Receive discounts on training webinars, classroom seminars, and personal one-on-one training sessions. View training seminar schedule. Training discounts do not apply to Academic, Student, or NFR licenses.

SSA Frequently Asked Questions

  • > Will I receive a free upgrade if I'm on SSA?

    Yes, you will always receive the most recent version of the software. Login to your account to download the most current version.

  • > How do I access all of my SSA Services?

    Login to your Chief Architect account to access all of your SSA services.

  • > Is SSA required?

    SSA is included with all new purchases. At the end of the first year, it is optional.

  • > What if my SSA expires and I want to renew later?

    If your SSA is expired and a new version has not yet released since your SSA expiration date, you may reinstate your SSA (reinstatement fee applies). The one‑year SSA term will begin from the time of renewal.

    If your SSA is expired and a new version has been released, you can upgrade your license which includes one year of SSA from the time of the upgrade.

  • > Does SSA include free support?

    Yes, SSA includes free priority support for the current version and one version back. SSA includes upgrades, so we encourage you to upgrade to the most current version. Paid support is available for supported products that are two versions back or older.

  • > My SSA has expired. How do I re-install my software?

    If your software version is supported there are two options for re‑installing your software. You can log in to your Chief Architect account to download the software or install from backup media (available as an add‑on product). You may order backup media from our Sales Department (subject to availability). Downloads and backup media are not available for unsupported versions.

  • > Will I receive a free upgrade if I own a Student License with SSA?

    Student License upgrades under Support & Software Assurance require student verification. Please call or e-mail for complete details.

  • > I have 3 licenses of Chief Architect now without SSA and may buy more licenses in the future.
    1. What's my cost per year with 3 licenses?
    2. What is my cost to add another license?

    1. Once you have upgraded your licenses with SSA, your renewal cost after the first year of SSA is $595 for the first license and $416.50 for each additional license ($595 for the first license and $416.50 for each of the 2 additional licenses = $1428).
    2. If you would like to add more licenses, each NEW additional license with SSA is $2,195 ($1,100 discount).
  • > If I have more than 1 license with SSA, will the renewal date for SSA be the same for all the licenses?

    Yes, SSA for all licenses on a multiple license account must have the same renewal date in order to qualify for the multi‑license discount. SSA is automatically synced and prorated to align with the renewal date of your primary license upon initial purchase or at the time of renewal.