Chief Architect Catalog Partner Program

We are proud to work with the following brands to provide product catalogs compatible with Chief Architect and Home Designer software products. Click a logo to learn more about the brand, or visit Chief Architect's 3D Library to download catalogs and incorporate these products into your designs.

Partner Program Benefits

  • Customer Satisfaction. Your customers in the design and construction industry are excited to use your catalog in their projects. Let us facilitate this communication!
  • Brand Impression. Over one million Chief Architect and Home Designer Software Users leverage our software to visualize then build residential projects. Ensure your brand is easy to find and to specify for these design professionals and homeowners.
    (Some catalogs may be restricted to Chief Architect's Professional Software only.)
  • Quarterly Analytics Report. Get insights into the download rate and usage of your branded catalog.
  • Social Marketing. Be part of our announcements and featured posts as we share with followers on social media. Opportunities for co-authoring and link sharing via Blog and Video Content may be available.

Partner Program Fees & Description

  • Annual Fee — $500. The annual fee covers the cost of setup, hosting, and maintaining the catalogs in the Chief Architect 3D Library for customer downloads.
  • Catalogs can be updated up to twice per year; at a minimum, they should be updated once per year.
  • Chief Architect can assist in developing a catalog compatible with our software. Please e-mail for an estimate.
  • Additional fees may apply for the development of catalog elements not already available in compatible formats. For more information, please contact us:

Catalog Partners Terms and Conditions

  • Thank you for working with Chief Architect to provide software users access to branded digital catalogs. Our goal is to provide users with accurate representation of actual product lines that can be specified and illustrated in their architectural designs. By working with our team to develop your brand's digital catalog compatible with Chief Architect's software programs, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

  • 1. Development

    Chief Architect will commit catalog development time and effort for the creation and maintenance of new and existing catalogs. An update time frame is based on two working weeks of development and two working weeks of testing; schedule dependent. An estimated time-frame will be given once payment and material has been received.

    Brand Partners hold the responsibility to ensure their catalog is updated at a minimum of one time per year; and no more than three. It is expected that mutual communication between Chief Architect and Brand Partners will occur along these time frames to ensure that the hosted catalog is maintained as necessary.

    While quality is a priority, Chief Architect is not responsible for the accuracy of any given catalog and makes no warranty of the content therein. Should discrepancies be found in Chief Architect's development, an effort will be made to resolve them in a timely manner.

  • 2. Ownership

    Chief Architect has sole ownership of any catalog file created by Chief Architect and only Chief Architect can distribute and host the catalog file.

    Chief Architect makes no claims to the branding or products themselves, and only claims responsibility of the digital catalog file created by Chief Architect.

    Software users who download digital catalogs may claim no ownership of catalog files created by Chief Architect and are prohibited from re-distributing said files as described in the End User License Agreement.

  • 3. Distribution

    Files are hosted on the 3D Library digital catalog website, where they are distributed in the form of downloads. Digital catalogs created by Chief Architect may not be distributed in other manners unless expressly approved by Chief Architect. A link to the catalog download can be shared on other websites.

    Any catalog hosted by Chief Architect is available to all Chief Architect and Home Designer customers at Chief Architect's discretion. Requests for dealer-only access will be denied.

    Chief Architect reserves the right to remove any catalog from the host website after the one-year partnership has ended and no further payment has been made. Chief Architect reserves the right to discontinue the distribution of any catalog at our discretion.

    Should Brand Partners wish to discontinue the distribution of catalogs that represent their brand from the Chief Architect website, a written request must be made in order for the catalog to be removed.

Contact if you are interested in becoming a partner, we'd love to hear from you!