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This series explores the various aspects of placing and modifying cabinet; learn how to use Manufacturer cabinet catalogs, corner cabinets and special shaped cabinets, applying molding and hardware, working with embedded appliances and fixtures.


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Placing and modifying electrical objects, setting electrical defaults for specific types of lights and switch styles, and how to use our special HVAC Catalog to create ducting.


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Using automatic and manual framing tools to quickly generate framing for floor and ceiling platforms, walls, and roofs, placing custom beams and support posts, adding bracing and blocking.

Creating decks and porches: using the room's definition to specify ceiling and/or roof height, modifying the automatic deck framing and manually editing it.


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Use the roof directives to automatically generate hip, gable, shed, gambrel, gull wing, half hip, or dutch gable conditions. Create a story and a half structure and place automatic dormers. Manually draw in custom roof planes and join them together, allowing the program to do the math for you.


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CAD Tools

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Use the Text tools to place text, add Callouts and Markers, and learn how text macros can automate your text labels.

Ray Trace

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Schedules will automatically reflect objects placed anywhere on the plan; learn how to customize Schedules to fit your needs.

There are a number of file types that can be imported into or exported from a Chief Architect plan file; 2D CAD files, images, PDF files, and 3D symbols can all be imported into a plan file. Similarly, 2D CAD versions, high res images, and 3D models of your plan can all be exported.


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These series explore the many features added into recent releases of Chief Architect.

Our project videos use of a variety of tools and design methods in a more real-world scenario, each focusing on a specific design to demonstrate a start-to-finish design process.

The following videos have been approved by the National Kitchen and Bath Association to count toward Continued Education Unit credits.

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