Using automatic and manual framing tools to quickly generate framing for floor and ceiling platforms, walls, and roofs, placing custom beams and support posts, adding bracing and blocking.

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Framing Basics

Framing Basics in Chief Architect - automatic & manual framing, openings & headers, wall framing details, floor & roof framing, deck framing, trusses and framing layers / layer sets.

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General Framing Strategy

Framing can be produced either automatically, manually or by a combination of both. It can be extensively edited, displayed in camera views and calculated to the Materials List.

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Wall Framing

Generate and manipulate wall framing; set framing member type and size, frame walls with multiple framing layers, add wall blocking in a framing detail.

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Floor and Ceiling Framing

Manually draw floor and ceiling trusses or automatically generate joists, specifying joist size, type, and direction.

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Roof Framing

Automatically generate stick framing, or manually draw a truss system, setting roof directives for cantilevered, hip, attic trusses, and custom ceiling planes for scissor trusses.

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Posts Beams and Columns

Placing custom post and beams: how to create custom decorative beams using molding polylines and 3D shapes.

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