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Chief Architect X8 runs on both Mac & PC. Regardless of whether you have Windows or Mac, you can run Chief Architect on either platform natively with a single license (so you don't need two separate copies).

When you purchase or upgrade to Chief Architect, remember you get Free upgrades for the first year - it's included with our Support and Software Assurance.

If you are a customer with SSA, you can download Chief Architect X8 from your Digital Locker.

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Watch the What's New in X8 Overview video.
Watch the What's New in X8 Overview video.

Chief Architect X8 New Features Summary

Detailed Features List (PDF)

Shadows & Story Pole Dimensions

New Elevation Features in Chief Architect.

Display Shadows on Elevations. Turn on Shadows in elevation and section views to display lighting effects and shadows for overhangs and other architectural elements.

Story Pole Dimensions. Use the Story Pole Dimension tool to automatically generate labeled markers for key locations and dimension between them in Elevation and Cross-Section views.

Live & Color Layouts. Send sections and elevations in color to Layout including technical illustration and watercolor. Live Layouts can automatically update as your model updates.

Plot Line Layout Views with Shadows. Send views to layout as Plot Line views with controls over line weights; choose to include shadows and color fill in the view.

Perspective Layout Views. Create perspective views and send them to a layout and retain the view's link to the plan; easily transition to camera view and update it to the layout. Unlike an image sent to layout, these views can be printed at high-resolution.

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Customize Layout of Cabinet Panels / Paint One Wall

New cabinet and wall customization tools in Chief Architect.

Edit Configuration of Sides, Back, & Front of Cabinets Independently. Choose to match the sides and back of a cabinet's configuration to its front, or individually customize the layout of panels, doors, and appliances for any side of a cabinet.

Edit Multiple Cabinet's Configuration at Once. Group-select cabinets and modify their face items at one time to create similar cabinets easily. Configure the default cabinet front to automatically update cabinets in the design that are set as "Use Default"; configure a single cabinet in a plan and use "Set as Default" to update other cabinets to match.

Paint One Wall. Quickly change the material on the surface of a single wall in a room.

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Schedule Thumbnails

New Schedule features in Chief Architect.

Schedule Thumbnails. Display a preview thumbnail of objects as a column in schedules; change the view type to control the style of the display.

Multi-Line Text in Schedules. Resize schedule column widths to wrap text to multiple lines in narrow columns.

Callout Label Shapes. Designate rectangular, diamond, capsule, and other shapes for schedules' automatic callout labels.

Real-time Cut List / Buy List. Use drop down option in the Materials List to swap between reporting styles being displayed.

Stair Handrail Returns & Extensions

New stair and railing features in Chief Architect.

Detailed Plan Display. Display stair railing, newels and balusters, tread overhang, and break lines on stairs in plan view, also choose to show or hide stair stringers using its layer while controlling the line style and color.

Stair Handrail Returns and Extensions. Specify returns at each of a stair's handrail and specify horizontal extension lengths to meet code requirements.

Stair Landing Labels. Display and customize labels for stair landing polylines.

Stair & Ramp Dialog Preview. While editing the properties of stairs or ramps, see modifications in the dialog's live preview.

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Multiple Cutting Planes / 3D Focus / Hot Key to Orbit in 3D

New Coss-Section slider tools.

Multiple Cutting Planes for Cross-Section Slider. Choose up to six cutting planes in the Cross-Section Slider view and adjust the cutting distance for each plane to create unique and detailed views.

3D Focus on Object tool. Make an object the center of focus and provide easy navigation around those objects.

New Hot Key to Orbit in 3D Mode. ALT and middle mouse button.

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New Coss-Section slider tools.

Corner Windows / Objects Bump at Casings

Create corner glass windows in Chief Architect.

Corner Windows. Bump Windows together at wall corners and choose to include or remove the corner post at the sash joint to create a glass corner.

Objects Bump at Casings. Move cabinets, furniture, or other objects and bump to stop their movement when encountering door and window casings.

Integrated Side Panels. When creating cabinets with Inset Doors, specify integrated side panels; control the frame sizes for sides to produce a singular recessed side panel or an inset side panel.

Narrow Cabinet Face Items.

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Sun Always Shines / Opaque Glass in Camera Views

In Chief Architect the sun rotates with the camera to always light the side of the model you are currently looking at.

The Sun Can Always Shine for Your 3D Views. Using the new setting sun rotates with the camera, will always have a bright scene without being in shadow.

Perspective Camera Views Can be Sent Directly to Layout. Retain the link to the camera from the plan and these views can be printed at high-resolution.

Opaque Glass in Camera Views. Glass Opacity has been extended from the vector camera to the other rendering techniques.

3D Navigation Has Been Wildly Improved. As you navigate in 3D, the camera follows your movement.

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3D Mouse Support

3D Mouse Support

3D Mouse Support. Use a 3Dconnexion mouse as your input device to simultaneously pan, zoom and rotate camera views.

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3D Mouse Support. Use a 3Dconnexion mouse as your input device to simultaneously pan, zoom and rotate camera views.

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Cabinet Face Item Locking / Top & Bottom Hinged Cabinet Doors

Lock cabinet face items and precisely control where cabinet feet are located in a run of cabinets.

Precise Cabinet Feet Control. Expanded ability to control cabinet feet attached to cabinets, such as including toe-kick with feet and controlling feet attached to adjacent cabinets.

Top & Bottom Hinged Cabinet Doors. Design cabinets with awning and hopper style doors.

Cabinet Face Item Locking. Lock editing on cabinet face items as you modify a cabinet to more easily control the manipulation of the cabinet front.

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Absolute Relative Heights / Object Painter Scoping

Copy attributes from one object to all similar objects in a room, on an entire floor, or for the entire plan with Chief Architect.
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Apply Fill with Object Painter. Use the Object Painter to transfer fill style between polyline based shapes.

Absolute & Relative Heights for Objects. Specify the height relative to the floor or an absolute height.

Object Painter Scoping. Similar to Material Painter Scoping, choose the impact of your changes by object, by room, by floor, or by plan to quickly update objects.

Object Painter Object Painter Scoping
Object Painter Object Painter Scoping

Framing Schedules / Curved Beams / Roof Assemblies

Now you can create framing schedules in Chief Architect!

Framing Schedules. Create a schedule with labels and callouts for framing members; quickly reference sizes and materials for different framing members. Create schedules that reference Deck Framing only.

Curved Beams. Beams created under curved roofs or ceiling planes will generate beams that match the arc of the curve.

Roof Assemblies. Create roofs with multiple layers, like floor and ceiling platforms.

Materials Lists. Swap between reporting styles for framing - Lineal, Cut and Buy Lists.

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Now you can create framing schedules in Chief Architect!

Labels for Polylines / Multi-Line Labels

You can now create labels for polylines in Chief Architect and create labels with multiple lines.

Labels for Polylines. Specify custom labels for polyline-based objects and reference them through plan display and macros.

Multi-Line Labels. Include line returns when specifying custom labels.

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Visual Origin for Symbols

View a live representation of an objects position in relation to its origin.

Visual Origin for Symbol Specification. Turn on the origin indicator while importing or editing a symbol to easily see and manipulate the object in relation to the origin location.

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