Chief Architect X14

There are many great new features in Chief Architect X14 — predictive editing feedback, fractional dimensions that can be stacked, overbuild roof framing, scoping for the library object painter, and the ability to store 3D walkthroughs on your Chief Architect cloud account. Watch the new features summary videos or see our detailed new features list (PDF) to see how the new tools in X14 can benefit you!

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Chief Architect X14 New Features Summary

X14 New Features (PDF)

2D House Elevation on a Mac and new Chief Architect X14 features.


  • Startup Options is renamed to the Dashboard and remains an open panel that you can easily refer to
  • Merge layers into a single layer
  • New edit handles to copy objects at a relative 90 degrees
  • Controls for the angle and distance to move objects precisely using the Transform/Replicate tool
  • Predictive editing provides feedback in 2D and 3D
  • The 3D solid tool — a unification of the box primitive shape and polyline solid tools
  • Apple M1 ARM processors will see approximately a 20% performance improvement now that Chief Architect X14 runs directly without the Rosetta emulator
3D contemporary kitchen rendering and new Chief Architect X14 features.


  • Scoping for the library object painter makes it easy to change items like a stacked wall cabinet with varying door and hardware
  • Replace cabinet feet and pilasters with the object painter
  • Rotate cabinet hardware and resize — use the same cabinet pull for either vertical or horizontal
  • Cabinet door swing angles up to 180° degrees
  • Custom patterns for tile and other objects can use any file as a pattern like the roughness or normal map file for cleaner custom patterns
  • Copy, paste, and unblock bay, box, and bow windows
  • Display window shutters open or closed
  • Duplicate sun angles
3D render of house framing and new Chief Architect X14 features.


  • Overbuild roof framing — for remodeling or new construction
  • Roof framing pocket purlins
  • Specify the number of king studs for door and window framing
  • Wall plates and rim joists — specify maximum lengths
  • Define the number of top and bottom wall plates for wall types
  • Export wall framing for wall panelization machines from EasyFrame
  • A new Build All Framing tool to generate roof, wall, platform, and deck framing
Remodeling 3D overlay render before and after using a new Chief Architect X14 feature.


  • 3D reference display for remodeling overlays has improved rendering quality and available rendering techniques
  • Store 3D walkthroughs on your Chief Architect cloud account and share with customers or on your website
  • Manage sunlight for 3D walkthroughs
  • Vector view renders — show transparent materials like glass walls
  • Added spherical backdrop controls
Floor plan with a CAD detail of a garage portal frame and new Chief Architect X14 features.

Drafting &

  • Display fractional dimensions — horizontal, diagonal, or vertical — and reduce the font scale
  • Wall dimensions — control for the primary and secondary wall side to which dimensions snap for both exterior and interior walls
  • Dimension extensions have a table interface to manage settings
  • Wall framing has added snap control and feedback in elevation and cross section views
  • Text objects — add arrows by using a new edit handle found on the edge of the text's selection box
  • Link callouts to CAD details, saved plan views, camera views, and wall details
  • Display callout and nomenclature labels or both
  • Schedules — change the font for titles, headers, and row text
  • Transpose rows and columns in schedules
  • Add countertops, backsplashes, material regions, slabs, terrain, and polyline objects to schedules
  • Fill styles for wall footings and a new ledge line layer for brick ledge walls
  • Layout box default behaviors can be set up for borders and labels
  • Pan and scale views sent to the layout within its bounding box and easily redefine its scale
  • Rotate elevation or 3D views on layout sheets