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Chief Architect X11

There are many great new features in Chief Architect X11 — from new Barn, Shower and Fixed Door tools, improved Stacked Moldings, and enhanced Stair Landings to new Wall and Note Schedule tools and Materials List refinements. Watch the new features summary videos or see our detailed new features list (PDF) to see how the new tools in X11 can benefit you!

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Overview Video

Chief Architect X11 New Features Summary

Detailed New Features List (PDF)
As-Built 3D Reference Display - As-Built 2D Reference Display

Productivity Features

Reference Display — overlay an external as-built floor plan over remodel plans

3D Reference Display to show how an as-built plan will evolve into a remodeled design. Useful for presenting client design options or for visualizing renovation projects

Import Saved Plan Views from older plans into existing projects

Improved behavior for the Auto Interior Dimension tool to provide for a cleaner look

Find and Replace Text tool to search plans, layouts, CAD details, sections, and elevation views

Productivity Features Play
Room Dialog Story Pole - Marquee Select Like Objects Tool

Editing Features

The Room Dialog now includes story pole preview and feedback with dimensions

A new Marquee Select Edit tool to easily select multiple objects

Updated Platform dialog with a preview of the structural components

A new Simplify Polyline tool to remove redundant points

Line Styles Management tool

Control for Moldings on a per wall basis

Export Chief Architect models to the 3D Viewer with a new overwrite option to avoid creating multiple versions of the same model

Editing Features Play
Syncronized textures and patterns - Create patterns from imported texture images - fill pattners in library

Materials, Library & Content Features

Patterns and Fill Styles are integrated into the Library. Apply these fills with a new Fill Style Painter

"Add to Library as" — allowing you to choose which individual components

Open and edit properties of objects directly in the Library

Patterns (vector lines) and Textures (images) are kept in sync with a new synchronize option

Convert one or more 3D objects to a Symbol and store in the Library

Visual Stretch Planes are new for Symbols

Content Features Play
Pause/Resume Ray Trace Renders - 3D Walk-through Resolution Setting - New Rope Lighting

3D Rendering Features

3D Reference Display to superimpose a model from an external file over a current 3D view

New controls to pause and resume for ray trace renders

With Virtual Reality headsets, you can teleport from point-to-point in a model for navigation mobility

3D Walkthroughs include default settings for frames-per-second, compression, and resolution. Resolution is no longer tied to the active window size making it easy to record videos at standard sizes

Rope Lighting tool for linear light paths such as undercabinet LED strip lights

Electrical connection arcs, line style, and snapping perform in a more natural way, minimizing the need for additional editing

3D Rendering Features Play
Diagram showing the new Barn Door, Shower Door, Shower Wall, and Wall Schedule features

Structural Tools Features

Glass Wall tool for showers — full glass and half glass/half tile

A new Shower Door tool, hardware typical for shower doors

An Invisible Wall Toggle tool added to the Edit Toolbar

Wall Schedule is available which can be used to generate a Wall Legend

For Floor Defaults, you can access any floor from the Edit Defaults dialog

Structural Features Play
Diagram showing 3D notes and schedules

Architectural Objects Features

Keynote tool and Notes Schedule

A new Parametric Barn Door — define side and top overhangs, wall offset and typical Barn Door hardware

Stair rake walls — a half wall and a top railing

Pocket, Sliding and Barn Doors can display partially open

For Bi-Fold, Pocket and Sliding Doors specify multiple panels. For Sliding Doors, this allows you to create retractable walls or stackers

Soffits have an option to follow the slope of custom ceiling planes

When creating build-up moldings there's a Make Stack option for easier management

Architectural Features Play