What Our Customers Are Saying About Chief Architect Software

Lifeblood of my business

I love the capabilities that Chief Architect has over all other design software! I am able to create floor plans, electrical plans, schedules, elevations, and RENDERINGS very fast (plus so much more)!! This tool allows me to give my clients an amazing experience and create incredible designs. My business would not be the same without it, and I recommend it to everyone!

Jasmine Galle

I think it – Chief allows me to design it

I’ve been using Chief Architect since 2002 – and the program has continued to improve dramatically over the years. The improvements have always reduced drafting time while allowing the design process to flow and be inspired – not hindered – by the limitations of the program. I’ve never found myself in a situation where I said, “I would love to attempt this design, but unfortunately Chief Architect cannot do this so I must change my design idea”. I think it – Chief allows me to model it – and now – raytrace it photo realistically. I used to export my Chief model into a 3rd party rendering program – now I design and raytrace all within Chief Architect.

Robert Smith profile image
Robert Smith

Chief Architect Software is by far the best and most useful program

I have been using and operating CAD programs for over 30+ years and in my opinion, the Chief Architect Software is by far the best and most useful program for my needs as an Architect that designs and builds all types of buildings and homes as a professional. Use and have used AutoCAD, Sketch-Up, V-Ray, Revit, and the current version of Chief Architect.

Craig D McClatchey, AIA

Chief Architect Software helps clients visualize the proposed designs.

Not only does Chief Architect Software create beautiful renderings, but it is imperative that I can also create drawings that are clean and straightforward for our contractors to reference on-site. Every client is so impressed with the renderings Chief Architect Software produces, and the walkthroughs help them visualize my proposed designs. Almost every time, the walkthrough helps us finalize the details in one sitting instead of going back and forth during several meetings.

Judi Lee-Carr

Chief Architect has been invaluable!

We use Chief Architect through the entire design and planning process here at Spectrum Design Group. Having a tool that allows us to “walk” our clients through their renovation in 3-D and incorporate actual specified materials and finishes ensures that our clients know what the end product will be. It has been invaluable in communicating our designs to not just our clients, but also our contractors.

Cory Rodeheaver