What Our Customers Are Saying About Chief Architect Software


I was extremely stressed out about my student license being expired and having a major assignment due within the next few days. I called customer support and spoke on the phone with Kim. What an angel, she spoke to everyone she could to get my situation figured out. The care that I received was like none other and completely made my day. HUGE thank you to Kim for helping me today, much appreciation!

Samantha Cooney

Chief Architect Premier

I have only been using the software for a few weeks now. So far, I like it pretty well. A lot of the features are very easy to use, some not so much. I haven’t had a great deal of experience with architectural software, so I am basically a beginner. I am slowly learning and getting better. I will say, a con of this software is you can only do what is already in the software, For instance, I work for a utility building/tiny home mfg and we use a lot of CMU piers on concrete footers. I haven’t found a way to draw this because its not an option in the foundations.

Elijah Catron

From Home Designer Pro To Premier

Chief Architect Premier has made Home Designer Pro seem like a very outdated program. Pro worked as intended for us, and there always seemed to be areas where some of the automated programming didn’t quite work right. This became extremely evident when we started using Chief Architect Premier, and WOW what a difference. It’s easily 10x more user friendly than trying to squeak by with Home Designer Pro.


OK. But you need an expensive computer to do 3D rendering.

Unless you have a $2,000 laptop or desktop gaming computer, this is not for you. 3D rendering requires 8GB of graphics RAM. Otherwise you’re limited to 2D. No work-around.

Tom Gallery

Thanks for a great product!

I work in partnership with an engineering firm in Ontario, Canada, and design and produce permit drawings following Ontario Building Code Section 9 and adherence to structural engineering. I use Chief Architect Premier to prepare all the structural drawings based on my designs, then have them reviewed and stamped by the engineer. 

The software has the flexibility to allow me to adjust to all the structural designs in both 2D and 3D formats with excellent support from the catalogs. Thanks for a great product!

Modern home design with vertical wood exterior and spacious front porch.
Paul Mandrish

Great Software

I’ve been using Chief Premier since the X3 version and I must say that I’m very please with the software; it’s ease of use, features and professional output. I’m currently using X15 and I must say that the renderings are phenomenal. I actually had a few instances where I posted renderings of finished products and persons inquired about the prices of the buildings or cost for rental.

Dwane Peterson
DP Architecture

Chief Architect: The Ultimate Architectural Drafting and Design Software

Chief Architect is an architectural drafting and design software that is used by professionals and hobbyists alike. It is known for its powerful features, intuitive interface, and abundance of learning resources.
One of the things that I like most about Chief Architect is its short learning curve. Even if you are new to architectural drafting software, you can get up and running quickly with the help of the included tutorials and documentation. There are also a number of online resources available, such as forums and video tutorials, that can help you learn the software.
Another great thing about Chief Architect is its abundance of learning resources. The software comes with a comprehensive library of objects, materials, and textures that you can use to create your designs. You can also import your own objects and materials, or purchase additional content from the Chief Architect store.
Chief Architect is also an excellent communication tool. You can use the software to create 2D and 3D drawings, renderings, and animations that you can share with clients, contractors, and other stakeholders. This can help you to communicate your design ideas clearly and effectively.
Finally, Chief Architect has a large 3D library that you can use to create realistic models of your designs. This can be helpful for visualizing your projects and for getting feedback from clients.
Overall, I am very impressed with Chief Architect. It is a powerful and versatile software that is perfect for architectural drafting and design. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a comprehensive and user-friendly software solution.

John Gray
John Gray Architecture

New User

I am just entering the design field, and I find Chief Architect to be accessible, with oodles of features and powerful capabilities, and with a great long list of tutorial videos to teach me how to use it. Thanks!

Emrys Tyler

I love the speed at which I can enter a plan and the ease of being able to click a couple of buttons and instantly be able to see it in 3D.

I’ve been using Chief since 2005 and attended a training in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, in 2006. When I started my own company in 2018, it was no question that I would use Chief Architect. I started with Home Designer and upgraded within a couple of years.

I love the speed at which I can enter a plan and the ease of being able to click a couple of buttons and instantly be able to see it in 3D. These capabilities make communicating my design ideas to my clients a piece of cake. And they love seeing the photo-realistic renders before the foundation is even poured!

Rebecca Langman Profile image
Rebecca Langman

I find it invaluable. Thank you, Chief Architect, for providing me with a tool that I can utilize to create an Architectural Design Company that is head and shoulders above most of my competition.

I own and operate an Architectural Design Studio in Honolulu, Hawaii, and have been using Chief Architect since the year 2000. We solely operate Chief Architect here in my office and currently have 8 licenses.

It is a great tool for communicating different ideas and design concepts. I find it invaluable. My clients are thrilled and amazed at what the program can do. They get so excited to be able to see their kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living areas, and exterior renderings of their house designs.

We also do all of our construction drawings in-house, with Chief Architect, including floor plans, elevations, foundation, framing, and cross sections and details. I have shown how fast Chief is compared to other programs to those who are experts in those programs, and they have all conceded Chief is faster and easier to use than their programs.

Thank you, Chief Architect, for providing me with a tool that I can utilize to create an Architectural Design Company that is head and shoulders above most of my competition. It has truly helped to make us one of the best Architectural Design Companies in Honolulu.

Don Corbin Headshots
Don Corbin

Great Product!!!

I have a small four person architecture firm and utilize Chief Architect for all our residential projects. It’s a great resource for our designers and sets us apart from other residential designers / drafting services in our area.

Profile image of Michael Rogers
Michael Rogers

Great Software

I built my house using the Premier level software, which was very functional. It had so many variables, that I could do all my design for the custom house I was building. That license long expired, and I needed something a little less powerful, but still had the same familiarity that I had with Premier. The Pro fits the task nicely! It has the same look and feel as the Premier that I was used to, at a much lower price. I see reviews that folks are saying that this software is too complicated and hard to use. Well, guess what, if it is complicated, it probably is very functional! All it takes is a little time to familiarize yourself with the different features, and go read tutorials or blogs from current users. Personally, I love it!!

James VanBuskirk

By far the best decision I could have ever made!

I switched from another program to Chief Architect 11 months ago, and it was by far the best decision I could have ever made. I am so much happier working on plans now, and my work quality improves daily. My customers have been ecstatic with the results so far, and I am getting better and better every week.

I look forward to many more years of working with Chief Architect and seeing you all each year in Coeur d’Alene for more training.

Bedroom with warm fall tones
Roy Shurling

Excellent software, I have been using it for years.

This is a powerful software. I have been using various versions and levels of it for roughly 20 years now. We are a small custom cabinet and remodeling company that uses the rendering capabilities to show our customers what their project will look like when Its completed. Everything from the paint color so the cabinet hardware. We can hammer down to the finest details for those clients that simply are incapable of visualizing the end result. I Would like to see some form of integration with KCD for manufacturing the cabinets as an option in the future. The kitchen design capabilities of CA are so powerful, and then to have to draw it over again in another software to produce…… It is time consuming.

Kyle Glassgow

Architectural Design-from concept to building permit

I use Chief Architect for design, presentation, and final permit drawings. For residential design and small commercial, there is nothing that matches or exceeds. The work on my site is a direct reflection of its capabilities. I adjust and applied the software to meet Section 9 OBC and other parts of Canada. I exchange files with my engineer without any issues. The CAD is excellent for Sections and Structural Details!

Paul M Mandrish

Fantastic tool

Easy to use and understand with great tutorials. A worthwhile investment.

Raefer Reardon
Reardon Construction

Chief Render

I have been using Chief Architect design software for 23 years now. I and my clients really love this program. It is a great tool for communication between the designer and the client.
We design and produce plans from their inception to construction drawings to obtain permits for approximately 200 projects a year. I have a complete staff of 6 drafters who all use Chief Architect for every phase of our drawings and designs.
Here is a sample of one of the kitchens for a new home we are just finalizing. My client is over the moon Happy with the design.
Thanks, Chief Architect Staff You Guys are Great!

Donald Corbin

Using Chief since ver 7

Iv been using Chief since ver 7, I also have ver8. It took me a couple days to figure out where every thing was..but Im loving it. My first building is a pole barn..I wish this ver had a way of placing perlins, gerts, post ect. Other than that its great.

Keith L. Dobson
Aspen Construction Co., Inc.

3D CAD design made easy

Chief Architect Software makes 3D CAD design so easy. I can render with a push of a button. Other software makes the process much more difficult and complicated. This is the second CAD software I’ve learned, and I definitely won’t be changing!

Hayden Bolin Profile Image
Hayden Bolin

Great Software – Tutorials need a bit of TLC

I love the software. It’s very capable and the expert knowledge built in is very helpful. I learned to use it by completing all of the tutorials. There were a few places where the lessons didn’t match the UI. I suspect that’s because the tutorial revisions haven’t kept pace with changes to the software. It also seemed that the documentation writers were a bit fatigued when they got to the final couple of lessons, as there were a few lines that were obvious cut and paste revision oversights. Having written and reviewed documentation, I know how tedious this can become. Overall, great software and I’ll give it a strong endorsement.

Robert Earl