What Our Customers Are Saying About Chief Architect Software

Total no brainer

Renting the program has made the commitment to Chief a total no brainer … I am among many designers that find the program not only profitable but fun to use.

Brian Farris, winner of the Chief Architect User Event Raffle in Vegas
Brian Farris
Farris Construction

Great for Residential Design

I think Chief Architect is a large component of my success in Residential Design

Sean Bulman of Bulman Designs
Sean Bulman

State-of-the-Art Virtual Reality

I’ve found that Chief Architect really helps the clients that have a hard time visualizing what their finished project will look like.

Portrait of Vincent Livingston of Livingston Designs
Vincent Livingston

A Game Changer

Chief Architect has been a game-changer for me, it offers a very efficient workflow with an output that makes my clients feel individual. The documents look crafted and relate to the project, not generic. Chief covers the whole spectrum from 3d visuals through to detailed sections, plans etc and even offers a 3d viewer app for construction professionals and clients alike to share 3d models. This would, could, and should be a global market leader with just a couple of tiny tiny tweaks! The house in the picture is in outer London England. The work has commenced, all detail and outline designs were produced within Chief Architect. The pen should be an intuitive tool to convey ideas and information and not entirely a skill of its own, Chief has nailed it! Please remember CA, Interiors are only 1/10th of architecture.

Philip Hurdwell

Will pay for itself in one job!

I have been using Chief Architect since late 2005. As I tell everyone who is interested in doing 3D design, Chief Architect is the best way to go. It is a powerful program, easy to learn and use, is at a great price and will pay for itself in one job.

Mark Supanchick