What Our Customers Are Saying About Chief Architect Software

We wouldn’t do what we do without Chief Architect

With Chief Architect, every project is a win, and we wouldn’t do what we do without it. Chief Architect is what allows us to have plans for the best handoff, clear communication, and lets the clients enjoy the process.

Kendra and Kerra at a construction site
Kendra Steinhaus and Kerra Schroeder

The Student’s Key to Success

I chose to use Chief Architect [for interior design school] specifically because of its ease of use on the interface, great tutorial videos, alignment with NKBA graphic standards, and the convenience of creating all deliverables from 2D plans to specification schedules to beautiful 3D renderings

Headshot of Payal Thakkar
Payal Thakkar

GREAT Software program that lets me be fast and work with 2D and 3D simultaneously!

I have been using Chief Architect for such a long time. In this kind of business, we need to be fast and work with 2D and 3D simultaneously, and Chief Architect is just a GREAT Software program that does both. I can’t imagine working with a different program that doesn’t give us these tools that Chief Architect does.

Profile image of Javier Montenegro.
Javier Montenegro

Crucial to My Business

Chief Architect was the very first purchase I made when I went out on my own because I knew it was crucial to my business. I absolutely love that I can draft floor plans and elevations in the same software where I can create realistic renderings.

Profile image of Jordan Willaby
Jordan Willaby

Best software for interior designer

I have been using chief since version x3. I love this software for all its functions and especially the design of my kitchens and bathrooms. The software produces beautiful renderings that help clients visualize the space in addition to producing precise technical plans. I love it!

Marie-Ève Raymond

Best Architectural Software!

I’ve been using Chief Architect for over 10 years and would not choose anything else. Other design software just doesn’t compare to Chief, it is by far the best. It is built with ease and simplicity in mind, no need to load anything in as it comes with everything straight out of the box! There is no limit to what can be modified, everything can be modified to fit your design needs, literally everything!

Cody Corbin Profile Image
Cody Corbin

We built our dream home!

It took me two years to design and exactly one year to build our dream home. With the help of Chief Architect, we were able to see our vision come to life. With a custom home, we had to provide many visuals in the drawing package for the contractors to catch our dream.  Chief Architect’s outstanding visualization and renderings made the design and build exactly what we had imagined. Now that we have been in our home for about 3 years, we realize we would not change anything!  After we spent so much time during the design process our friends and contractors sometimes offered change suggestions to our design to consider. My pact with my wife “Stick to the Plan” and that’s what we did.  We love our home and we want to thank Chief Architect for providing a software product that allowed us to achieve our vision.  Now, I am currently using Chief Architect Premier to design a home for my daughter and her family!

Michael S Burt
homeowner designer

The rendering quality and user-friendliness are unmatched!

I have been using Chief Architect since 2015 and have used a few other software programs in the past, but the rendering quality and user-friendliness are unmatched! This software helps clients truly envision their project coming to life, and helps close sales because there is a sense of confidence in what their final product will look like.

Profile Image of Savanna
Savanna Beyer

Powerful and Easy-To-Use Tools

I have worked in other BIM software before, but Chief Architect makes it easier to put my concepts into drawings, and I can spend more time creating instead of fighting with obscure tools and interfaces. The powerful but easy-to-use tools along with the realistic rendering capabilities are extremely valuable in my work.

Ethan Smith

Chief Architect’s 3D Viewer Mobile App

We had one client who took his home model and projected it onto his lot in the mountains using Chief Architect’s 3D Viewer mobile app. While using the Augmented Reality feature he was able to walk around his home and get a feel for the layout. He sat and waited in his “living room” to see what the fall sunset would look like out of his living room window. At that moment he said he was sold. It was his home. This is the opportunity that I would love to allow every client to have.

Portrait of Steve Johnsen, design contest winner
Steve Johnsen

Bridging the Gap between 2D planning and 3D Rendering

Every time we are able to walk our clients through their future home or project with the Chief Architect 3D Software, it’s a success. Many of our clients are not visual. Chief helps bridge the gap between the 2D floor plan and grasping what the finished project will look like. We hear constant feedback on how impressive the capabilities of being able to see the scale of the spaces, customize materials, try different cabinet configurations, etc. We are able to save them so much headache and heartache in the design phase vs. going through a change order process in the field. Being able to offer the 3D aspect for our projects has truly set us apart from our peers.

Man, wife and child posing for a picture.
Luke Sippel

Invaluable Asset

From the start, Chief has become an invaluable asset to my company and design work. I am truly grateful for this software and am so glad that I had given it a try.

Man and woman standing side-by-side at tradeshow booth.
Giuseppe Rispoli

Instantly fell in love…

I instantly fell in love with the easy to learn, user-friendly interface, and the details it was capable of capturing. My clients have been very happy with their design, the process, and the finished product.

Portrait of Abe Neufeld, second place winner in the Chief Architect Kitchen, Bath, and Interior Design Contest.
Abe Neufeld

Kudos for making the student a priority

Students have asked about Chief Architect more than any of our other programs. I use it at the end of the semester because if I used it in the beginning, I would never get them to move on to other units… It will be the one program students will use voluntarily and will assure me learning is taking place at home. Plus it will make me the most popular teacher. ha ha

Head shot of woman in blue floral shirt.
Karen Armstrong

Total no brainer

Renting the program has made the commitment to Chief a total no brainer … I am among many designers that find the program not only profitable but fun to use.

Brian Farris, winner of the Chief Architect User Event Raffle in Vegas
Brian Farris
Farris Construction

Great for Residential Design

I think Chief Architect is a large component of my success in Residential Design

Sean Bulman of Bulman Designs
Sean Bulman

State-of-the-Art Virtual Reality

I’ve found that Chief Architect really helps the clients that have a hard time visualizing what their finished project will look like.

Portrait of Vincent Livingston of Livingston Designs
Vincent Livingston

A Game Changer

Chief Architect has been a game-changer for me, it offers a very efficient workflow with an output that makes my clients feel individual. The documents look crafted and relate to the project, not generic. Chief covers the whole spectrum from 3d visuals through to detailed sections, plans etc and even offers a 3d viewer app for construction professionals and clients alike to share 3d models. This would, could, and should be a global market leader with just a couple of tiny tiny tweaks! The house in the picture is in outer London England. The work has commenced, all detail and outline designs were produced within Chief Architect. The pen should be an intuitive tool to convey ideas and information and not entirely a skill of its own, Chief has nailed it! Please remember CA, Interiors are only 1/10th of architecture.

Philip Hurdwell

Will pay for itself in one job!

I have been using Chief Architect since late 2005. As I tell everyone who is interested in doing 3D design, Chief Architect is the best way to go. It is a powerful program, easy to learn and use, is at a great price and will pay for itself in one job.

Mark Supanchick

A Magical Tool!

This has quite literally changed my business, by showing clients what their space will look like before it is built is a magical tool.

Woman sitting in a chair with a black shirt.
Gabriele Pizzale