Features Introduced in Recent Versions of Chief Architect

These series explore the many features added into recent releases of Chief Architect.

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5 Videos Features Introduced in X16

Features Introduced in X16

New features added in X16 include: Action History, Auto Numbering Construction Lines, Custom Newel Spacing, 3D Dimensions, Deck Controls, HDR backdrops, Area Lights and more!

Video No. 192


6 Videos Features Introduced in X15

Features Introduced in X15

New features added in X15 include: Live Materials List, updated Library Browser, Coordinate Axes, improved elevation snapping, Replace Fonts, custom pattern generator, Automatic Trusses, Move Sun and Moon in a simulated sky, and more!

Video No. 188


6 Videos Features Introduced in X14

Features Introduced in X14

New features in X14 include predictive editing, Library Painter scoping, overbuild roof framing, manage sunlight in walkthroughs and linked callouts.

Video No. 182

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