Features Introduced in Recent Versions of Chief Architect

These series explore the many features added into recent releases of Chief Architect.

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Features Introduced in X14

New features in X14 include predictive editing, Library Painter scoping, overbuild roof framing, manage sunlight in walkthroughs and linked callouts.

Video No. 182


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Features Introduced in X13

New features in X13 include more control over framing wall intersections, horizontal wall and roof framing, cabinet stiles, materials, elevation camera polylines, real-time ray tracing, orbital walk-throughs and construction lines.

Video No. 177


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Features Introduced in X12

New features in X12 include Automatic Trey Ceilings, build framing per room, 3D solid editing, a new Style Palette tool, waterfall counters, updates to stairs, cabinets, and moldings.

Video No. 167

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