Quick Start Video Series

A brief overview of Chief Architect basics: this series covers the basic features and procedures so you can start using Chief Architect software right away.

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3:26 Quick Start Introduction

Quick Start Introduction

Quick Start Training videos are designed to help you get started quickly. Before you begin, here’s a brief overview about Chief Architect.

Video No. 76


23:04 Floor Plan Basics

Floor Plan Basics

The basics of creating floor plans – rooms, walls, ceiling heights, dimensions.

Video No. 68


14:54 Default Settings Summary

Default Settings Summary

Setting up defaults before beginning any project will improve your productivity and keep your project working smoothly.

Video No. 56


6:58 Preference Settings Summary

Preference Settings Summary

Setting Preferences will change the user interface to suit the way you want to work in Chief Architect.

Video No. 57


15:40 Dimensioning Basics

Dimensioning Basics

Dial in your project using the Temporary, Manual, and Automatic Dimension Tools.

Video No. 5488


7:11 Navigating Views

Navigating Views

Become more efficient by learning how to utilize the different zoom tools.

Video No. 9


16:36 Door & Window Basics

Door & Window Basics

The basics of doors and windows– placing, sizing, modifying, blocking (mulled units), shapes, dimensions, shower doors, doorways

Video No. 67


22:14 Cabinet Basics

Cabinet Basics

Learn how to place and edit cabinet size, box, doors, drawers, backsplashes, and materials in this video.

Video No. 10117


12:08 Manufacturer Cabinet Basics

Manufacturer Cabinet Basics

Apply manufacturer doors, drawers, moldings, wood species and finishes to cabinets.

Video No. 10118


11:18 Additional Floors & Foundation Basics

Additional Floors & Foundation Basics

The basics of adding additional floors and building foundations in Chief Architect

Video No. 72


15:57 Stair Basics

Stair Basics

Introduction to Stairs - stair types, stair options, stairwells (open to below rooms), head room and stair railing styles.

Video No. 71


17:33 Framing Basics

Framing Basics

Framing Basics in Chief Architect - automatic & manual framing, openings & headers, wall framing details, floor & roof framing, deck framing, trusses and framing layers / layer sets.

Video No. 73


24:48 Roof Basics

Roof Basics

Learn how to create roofs in Chief Architect using the automatic build roof tool and how to use the manual roof tools to create and edit roof planes, change the wall properties for gable and hip roofs, learn about gambrel, shed and other roof styles.

Video No. 5447


10:18 Ceiling Basics

Ceiling Basics

The basics of how ceiling work in Chief Architect – automatic ceilings, manual ceilings, vaulted ceilings, soffits, short or plant shelf ceilings.

Video No. 69


12:51 Terrain & Site Plan Basics

Terrain & Site Plan Basics

The basics of creating a terrain perimeter, sloping a lot, road tools, building pad height, terrain modifiers, terrain & retaining walls, setbacks and adding a north pointer.

Video No. 75


11:42 CAD Basics

CAD Basics

Drawing and editing CAD based objects is an essential skill to learn as the edit tools and methods are used for virtually all objects in Chief Architect.

Video No. 77


30:54 Creating Layouts and Construction Documents

Creating Layouts and Construction Documents

Learn how to use the Layout tool to create your Construction Drawings sending plans, sections and elevations to the layout in scale. The template mentioned in this video can be found here: https://chieftalk.chiefarchitect.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=63938

Video No. 48

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