Schedules will automatically reflect objects placed anywhere on the plan; learn how to customize Schedules to fit your needs.

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27:45 Schedules Overview

Schedules Overview

Schedules can be manipulated in many ways; add or remove columns, re-order items, change callout labels, exclude or include specific rooms and floor levels, or adding comments and changing descriptions.

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9:37 Door, Window & Cabinet Schedules

Door, Window & Cabinet Schedules

Create and edit schedules with automatic or custom labels for doors, windows and cabinets

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7:49 Using Notes & Note Schedules

Using Notes & Note Schedules

The notes tool is great for calling out important details in your plan.

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7:00 Using Layout Tables and Revision Tables

Using Layout Tables and Revision Tables

Use the Layout Page Table tool to create a list of pages included in your layout and the Revision Table tool to keep track of revisions for each page of your layout.

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